What to Do and Wear for Galentine’s Day

It’s February and everyone’s talking about Valentine’s day and black history month (obviously). For me, I love celebrating Galentine’s Day. There’s something special and sacred about spending quality time with your girls. Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your closest friends and those unique friendships.

For today’s post, I will be sharing fun ideas of things you can do with your closest girlfriends and what to wear of course! Think of this post as your one stop for all things Galentine’s Day!

Date Ideas


A shared love language among girlfriends is brunch. Head out to a chic restaurant for yummy bites and endless mimosas. I love getting cute and then going to a cute restaurant for good food, drinks, and conversation.

Game Night

If you have competitive friends like me, then game night is always a guaranteed good time. A chic, comfortable outfit is the way to go. Some of my favorite games to play are taboo, cards against humanity, spoons, and Uno.

Pajama Party

Pajama parties are perfect for all of my introverts out there. Homebodies can meet at one of your places and your most luxe PJs and enjoy movies with snacks. Just because you’re wearing pajamas doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Opt for a textured pair or printed ones to elevate your look.

Color Party

A color party is essentially where you dress up in one color and bring food/drinks in that same color. This is a fun way to get creative with this party idea. Bonus if you’re the hostess because now the responsibility is shared for food and beverages. Win win!

Charcuterie Board Party

I’m so excited because I am hosting a Galentine’s party and it’s charcuterie board style. Each guest is to bring food/snacks to create a charcuterie board or platter. You can get super creative with these due to the endless options. Charcuterie boards have evolved from just meat and cheese. You can do desserts, drinks, fruit, and so much more. Chic and casual is the way to go for a party like this. Endless snacking means wearing something comfortable for those food babies.

Girls’ Night Out

If you’re hitting the town with the girls for Galentine’s, then check out these outfit ideas! There’s something so therapeutic about dressing up and going out with your girls. Dress like you know memories will be made. I personally love having a story to share about an outfit that I previously wore. My girls and I love to dress up so these outfits are more on the “extra” side.

Lunch Date

Perhaps you’re getting together on Valentine’s day or meeting up on a weekday – then a lunch date is ideal. From the office to midday drinks, your look calls for something that is office appropriate yet chic enough for pictures with the girls.


A nice dinner out with the girls may be just the thing that you need for Galentine’s. Make plans, set reservations, dress up and head to dinner at a fancy restaurant. A chic dress, sexy heels and statement earrings is the perfect outfit combo for this occasion.

What are your Galentine’s Day plans? Let me know in the comments below!

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” ~ Muhammad Ali

XO, Stormie

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