Upcoming Events

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(November 5, 2022)

I am so excited to be performing in 3 pieces for Danscape! This show will feature dance works from various choreographers and dance companies. I will be dancing in works choreographed by Adam Castaneda, Jaredd Martin, and Toba Atkins-Montana. Head over to the website for full details!

Houston Fringe Festival

(November 6, 2022)

I have participated in previous years and this year isn’t any different. I performed and choreographed last year’s piece entitiled Mania. I am so excited to debut a new piece – “I Am..”. This work is based on the idea of toxic masculinity and how damaging it can be for the male psyche. This work is expected to showcase that men can and are multidimensional beings who are allowed to express a myriad of emotions. This all male cast will express aggression, vulnerability, softness, fear, love, and more in this performance.