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“Gatsby – A Burlesque Experience”

November 18-19, 2021

Gatsby dazzles audiences with bright lights, lavish costumes and fabulous choreography. Join us for a unforgettable experience!

The Union Arts Festival 2021 (May 11-13 2021)

I am beyond elated to be a part of this festival portraying the character of Jezebel again. I debuted this performance last year for the Houston Fringe Festival. This piece is a depiction of Jezebel’s last moments before she died. Dignity in Death: Jezebel Excerpt is choreographed by Loren Holmes of Hearts in Motion. Enjoy this 3 day arts festival featuring spoken poetry, art and dancers of all backgrounds and disciplines! Click here for tickets!

A Year in Reverse

June 25-26 2021

A Year in Reverse is an immersive art experience that will take the audience through the highs and lows of life before the pandemic, what it is like in the midst of this storm and the light that so many of us are hoping to see beyond the year that changed the world.

From a live DJ,

to a beautiful collaboration being done between The Collective Four and artist Joe Haden plus many more features at Archway Gallery, this show is guaranteed to leave the audience feeling intrigued and inspired.

Join us for a 2 night experience like none other! Click here to purchase your tickets!