2022 Recap – Memories & Highlights

My word for 2022 was intentional. Intentional about everything that I showed up for. Whether that was my brand, career, family, marriage, myself or my health – everything was done with complete intention. It is easier for someone like me to use a state of mind or intention instead of concrete goals to succeed. Instead of creating cookie cutter goals, I approached the year with a positive mindset and strong intention with everything that I did. Looking back, I achieved sooooo much in 2022 and have so many beautiful memories. Keep reading to hear about some of my most exciting memories and highlights.

Alvin Ailey Prelude Performance


If you checked my previous post then you are familiar with this piece that I put on back in 2021. Well, we got the opportunity to perform as the prelude performance to Alvin Ailey at Jones Hall. When we the COllective Four, produced and choreographed A Year in Reverse – we had no idea of the opportunities that would come! We even got the chance to watch the performance afterward! We literally had less than 15 minutes to run downstairs, change, put our bags up, then make our way up to our level to find our seats. It was a bit chaotic, given that everyone is trying to find their seats at this point. But that was an experience that I will never forget. Enjoy these behind the scene photos and videos. To view the performance, check out my Youtube channel.

Post show

Created a Media Kit

This was something that was big on my to-do list this year. If you are a blogger/content creator then you are probably familiar with the term media kit. It is basically like a portfolio/resume for your content. This is something that I have been looking to create to position myself as a legitimate and professional content creator. I am in love with the way it turned out. If anyone is interested in hearing more about a media kit, leave a comment below!

Landed my first big contract as a choreographer

Over the summer, I got the opportunity to choreograph some home routines for a high school in Louisiana. This was such an exciting moment for me because it was the first contract of this sort. I’ve wanted to work with a dance team in this capacity for a while so I was beyond thankful when the opportunity arose.

Performed in Innominate

When I wasn’t working on choreography for the high school dance team, I was in rehearsals for a show titled Innominate with Catastrophic Theater. Innominate was a multi-media theatric production featuring live music, dance, video production, and puppetry. It was one of my most rehearsal-intensive processes. We rehearsed multiple days a week for 3-4 hours at a time. In the last two weeks leading up to the opening, we were rehearsing daily with 2 of those days including 12-hour tech rehearsals. Given the dynamics of the show, it definitely makes sense to have such a rigorous rehearsal schedule. I definitely have no regrets this production opened my eyes to worldly issues and allowed my artistry to tell a very important and personal story. I was challenged so much as a performer in this production. We danced in these paper mache helmets, designed to look like an eyeball, with a small mesh net cutout to breathe and see. As a dancer, you’re used to having the full ability to see all around you. Trusting myself as well as my castmates were essential. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a unique experience and would definitely do it again.

Attended Austin Fashion Week twice this year

I got accepted to attend Austin Fashion Week twice! We attended in the Spring as well as the Fall. I’ve always dreamed of attending fashion shows looking fabulous and meeting cool and interesting creatives. The best part was getting to bring my husband and my daughter. It feels so good to get to experience something life-changing with them. I am beyond thankful!

Reprised my role as Jezebel in “Jezebel: Rise of the Fallen”

I initially debuted my role as Jezebel in late 2020, or early 2021 – under the direction of choreographer Loren Holmes. I have since performed in this role multiple times – including at the Union Arts Festival here in Houston. That performance is available on Youtube so head over to check it out there. That excerpt was titled “Dignity in Death”. “Rise of the Fallen” includes the addition of 4 other dancers and highlights Jezebel’s relationship with Amos. It beautifully demonstrates the effect and influences Jezebel had on those around her. Whereas the first excerpt, it depicts the final moments of her life. I am so thankful to have a role such as Jezebel that stretches me and pushes my acting ability. It was fun to share the stage with talented artists as well.

Pre-Show : Waiting backstage!

Danced in Tobe Nwigwe’s music videos

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that I am a member of the @blackangelscollective. As one of Tobe Nwigwe’s dancers this year, I got to dance in some of his visuals! I first worked with Tobe in 2020 for the BET Hip Hop Awards and have danced in a number of his visuals since then. I am always so grateful to work with such a devoted artist and dance alongside some of my closest friends! I truly admire these ladies that I get to dance alongside so it’s just good energy all around. I danced in Unfollow Me, Been Broke, Big Cap, and Chopped It Up with Farouk. Oh, I also got to talk to 2Chainz and perform with Chamillionaire! I loved listening to his music growing up so I was over the moon getting the chance to dance next to Chamillionaire. Enjoy these exclusive behind the scene photos.

Photo by Alan Castelan
Photo by Alan Castelan
Photo by Alan Castelan
Photo by Alan Castelan
Photo by Alan Castelan
Photo by Alan Castelan

Choreographed an all-male piece for Houston Fringe Festival

I choreographed for the Houston Fringe Festival again. Instead of doing another solo like I did last year, I decided to do an all-male piece. The piece was entitled “I Am…”. This piece touched on the effects toxic masculinity has on the male psyche. Creating this was such an exciting challenge because I’ve never done anything like this. A huge thank you to my amazing dancers for getting this together in such a small timeframe. We got this 6.5 minute performance down in 2 rehearsals over the course of two weeks with an additional hour of tech/dress rehearsal. I cannot thank my dancers enough for being so professional.

Performed in Kansas City Fringe Festival

Back during the summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City with the Pilot Dance Project. We were there for a week-long, performing multiple nights as participants in Kansas City Fringe Festival. This was the first time I had ever been paid to travel and dance. It truly felt like a dream come true. I am so excited to more traveling for both dance and my blog.

Pre-Show Selfie
Before one of our performances

Featured/Performed in Best of Fringe

During the Fall of 2021, I submitted and got accepted to perform at the Houston Fringe Festival. This was my first time doing something like this under my own name so I definitely felt like I had something to prove. I performed my solo piece “Mania” for the first time. This piece was a glimpse into a manic episode and the toll it takes on the body and mind. I have really been inspired by my experiences and challenges with my mental health and it has been influencing my art. I was so thankful when my piece was one of the pieces selected for Best of Fringe. In May of 2022, I got to perform “Mania” again! I feel like this piece is so important and I would like for more teenagers to see this piece and maybe have a discussion with the adolescents.

Me taking a bow

Collaborated with multiple brands

One of my goals for 2022 was to work with brands again this year, either through gifted products, collaborations, or guest posts. My goal for this year is to develop the relationships that I’ve established as well as continue to build more. If you are a fashion, dance, or lifestyle brand rooted in female empowerment or creativity – feel free to contact me to discuss ways that we can work together!

Photo featuring Adorn Pili earrings

Started a new teaching job

I started teaching at a new dance studio that is focused on providing dance to students who may not have the privilege to do otherwise. The focus is on holistic learning and providing fun, unique experiences for their students. It is really cool to be back teaching students regularly.

Performed in Mind the Gap Festival

Mind the Gap is a festival that is held every year here in Houston. This festival allows artists to apply for the opportunity to share a performative piece. A friend of mine and fellow Houston dance artist Jaredd Martin submitted a piece titled “Re-Progress”. This piece was about going back to our childhood and rediscovering our youth after realizing the effects of adulthood had taken over. This piece was physically taxing but rewarding and FUN! I have a video from the dress rehearsal of the performance. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Lynn Lane
Photo by Lynn Lane
Photo by Lynn Lane

Performed in Danscape

Danscape is a dance festival featuring Houston-based dance artists, companies, and choreographers. I had the pleasure of dancing under 3 different choreographers that night. I performed Jaredd’s piece from Mind the Gap, The Pilot Dance Project, and IMU Dance. This process was challenging because I was juggling 3 different sets of choreography. What helped me was the fact that I learned each of these pieces at different times but rehearsed all these pieces multiple times a week, while also teaching 1-2 times a week, and working on my all-male piece “I Am….” simultaneously.

Success! You're on the list.

Performed in Friendswood Dance Festival

Thanks to the Pilot Dance Project, I had the opportunity to perform at Friendswood Dance Festival back in October. I was elated to get back on the stage to perform “Aureate“. Fun fact: “Aureate” is the show that we performed at Kansas City Fringe Festival. We performed on this outdoor stage as the sun set in the distance. It was such a beautiful, relaxing, and ethereal moment for me.

Celebrated Another birthday

I am so blessed to see another year of life and love! I had a pretty chilled birthday. A casual birthday brunch and then had lunch with another Leo whose birthday is a few days before mine. We make it a thing to go somewhere new and nice every year for our birthday celebration.

Hosted Friendsgiving for the second year in a row

David and I hosted Friendsgiving for the first time last year and had such a good time! I definitely knew after last year’s success, that I wanted to make it an annual thing. I buy decor, create a menu, create rsvp and flyers and help cook the meal. This year, I had games planned for the night and name cards for every guest. We also opened the invitation up this year for everyone to bring a plus one. To our surprise, our guest list expanded quickly! Everyone brought liquor in addition to their potluck dish. I arranged it in the invite for each guest to select a dish so that we didn’t have multiples of a certain dish. It was such an amazing night for everyone to unplug and have a good time. We had guests over until the early hours of the morning because we were having such a good time.

Performed in Gideon and the Blundersnorp

Photo by Pin Lim

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are familiar with my experience in this show. I performed in this family-friendly show from Late August to mid-September. This was my first time doing theater in quite a while so I was so elated to be back! I have an affinity for theater and musicals and performing is one of my first loves. This production was so much fun and being around other actors is always such a good time! Thespians are some of the most interesting people that I know! If I had to pick the ideal type of gig is long-running productions like these where I am performing multiple times a week and making money doing that with a consistent and predictable schedule.

Photo by Pin Lim
Photo by Pin Lim

What’s your biggest memory from 2022? What made the memory special? Let me know in the comments!

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. ~ Marilyn Monroe

XO, Stormie

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