Welcome to So Stormie, a personal brand dedicated to fashion, dance and lifestyle. This site is my little corner of the internet – my virtual home where I share my various passions. Whether it’s outfit inspiration, dance videos or my life experiences – I like to connect with others in hopes of inspiring you to pursue your passions.

I blogged for about 4 years now under the name “So Fabulously Sweet”. I initially created my blog out of a need to fill a creative void. The name I came up with (So Fabulously Sweet) was based on my life at that moment in time. I was a college graduate looking for a new creative outlet. I have always been a lover of fashion ever since I was a little girl so blogging seemed like an obvious choice! With little knowledge but a lot of guts, I started my first blog. Little did I know at that time that blogging would soon become one of my biggest passions!

The more I got into blogging, the more I realized just how expansive the blogging world really is. In 2015, I moved to Houston from my small hometown in Louisiana with my boyfriend. I began connecting with Houston based bloggers who changed my entire outlook on blogging. I realized that blogging could include my passions as well as my lifestyle all in one – not just a hobby. I realized I was so busy trying to create a brand that I could fit into instead of the brand being me, So Stormie. 

With the launch of my new blog, So Stormie, you can expect to see an online world created entirely with the fusion of my many passions – demonstrated only the way I can. I want to share my world of fashion, dance, lifestyle and experiences in a fun, casual and honest way. My biggest hope for this blog is to share my many loves with you all and to inspire you all along the way. A way that may not be so fabulous or even so sweet, but definitely So Stormie.