Pinterest Obsessions : What I’ve been Pinning Lately (Update)

Hey hey sweetie pies! Like most people I have been spending alot more time on social media these days. One of which is Pinterest. ( In my opinion, Pinterest is more like a search engine where you can pretty much find anything. As a blogger, I like to use Pinterest to cross promote my site and other social media channels. However, I do enjoy sharing other boards for inspirational purposes such as outfit inspiration, wedding cake inspiration and positive affirmations. In today’s post I figured that I could share what I’ve been sharing on my Pinterest! *This post is an update. You can read the original post here (

Planner Inspiration

You all know how much of a planner junkie I am. As much as I love decorating my planner, I get creative blocks every once and a while. Having this board allows me inspiration and the layouts are always so beautiful to look at! If planners are your jam, make sure to check out this board!

Outfit Inspiration

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have my outfit inspiration board. This board is definitely my most active and favorite. This board contains sections for optimum browsing. This board is broken down with articles of clothing. Looking stylish coats? I got a section for that. If you need help deciding what shoes to pair with that skirt, I have a section for that. With over 2,000 pins, keeping it sections allows other pinners as well as myself to not get overwhelmed.

Natural Hair

Natural hair care can get a bit overwhelming for your girl. My natural hair care board consists of tips and tricks for hair care as well as inspiration for natural hair styles. I love seeing the diversity of natural hair and I believe my board displays a good representation of that.

Interior Design for Apartments

Within the past 2 years, I have really gotten into interior design. I love the creative process and admire the effort it takes to put a room together from scratch. It is similar to that of putting together an outfit. You combine colors and textures to create a unique environment and aesthetic. That is sooo amazing to me! In this board you will find decor, furniture and storage tips to maximize your living space.

Style by Stormie J

Most of you know that I love creating fun looks and sharing them here virtually. I usually compose look books that I share here on the blog. To see some of my previous style look books, just search “lookbooks” in the search bar. However, there are style sets that don’t make the blog all the time, those sets make it to this board. I am looking to organize this one by sections as well for easier navigation. If you are into fashion and street style, check this board out!

Blogging 101

This board is for all things blogging. Whether you are in the beginner phase or on level expert, this board contains posts perfect for you. I love having a point of reference that’s so easily accessible and holds so much. I currently have over 300 posts saved to this board and it is so helpful! Blogging is such a complex and ever evolving industry. Having references on standby to guide you along the way is a Godsend.

Are you on Pinterest? If not click here ( Let’s be friends so I can check out your boards and share! I hope you sweetie pies enjoyed this quick read! Stay tuned to read about my labor and delivery story soon and so much more!

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” ~ John Lennon

XO, Stormie J

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