What I’ve Been Pinning Lately

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~ African Proverb
Hey hey sweetie pies! One app I have been loving lately is Pinterest! It is definitely more of a search engine than it is a social media site. I personally love using Pinterest to create mood boards, inspiration boards and to find other creatives/bloggers. I can easily spend hours on hours browsing through my feed and boards for new things to pin. Like most, my Pinterest page is direct reflection of me and my interests. However, a few of my Pinterest boards have been booming and I have been obsessed with them! Check out my favorite boards below and if you have a Pinterest page, share it in the comments and follow hub going!

Self Care
You guys know that self care is something that has been super important to me. I used this board to share self care tips for others as well as for myself. There are some really good reads and some interesting activities suggested for self care.

Since forever, statement earrings have been my jam. I love big, bold and unique earrings. I created this board so I could look/shop for really fun earrings. Plus I love looking at all the pretty jewelry! If you love statement earrings, give this board a look and thank me later. 🙂
I love to get inspiration from everywhere. Pinterest is the perfect place to get some of the most unique and awesome fashion inspiration. I have fashion inspiration for every season. While most of it is street style, there are looks for pretty much any occasion. If you love fashion, give this board a little peek!
I have a slight obsession with handbags. Handbags are easily one of my favorites accessories. I hope to have a closet full of gorgeous designer handbags but until then a girl can dream! This board is total handbag goals and major eye candy! 
Also, I do have a page for the blog so feel free to check it out! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick read! If you have a pinterest page, shout it out in the comments so I can see your boards and re-pin some stuff!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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