Back to School 2016 : How to Survive Your First Semester as a College Student

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye… it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.” ~ Edvard Munch
Hey sweetie pies! Summer flew by this year – the whole year is flying by as a matter of fact. We are now entering that time of year for back to school. While some dread school for one reason or ther other, I feel that it is best to make the most out of it. One way is to be prepared as much as you can. Now I am talking about more than having a pen and paper on the first day – I am speaking on the grounds of helping you longterm.
For all of my college freshmen, starting college in a new place with new faces, teachers and classes can be quite overwhelming. I mean your biggest known struggle beforehand was getting out of gym and now you have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life?! Where they do that at? But no worries, because I am going to give you a few doses of reality as well as how to survive your scary first  semester of college.
Doses Of Reality

~ No one has it all together

Not only is everyone growing as students, but growing as a person as well. This includes maturing, realzing what people want out of life, discovering new talents, working to support themselves, getting married, making families and the list goes on. Everyone is trying to figure life out. Everyone is on this race, you’re just at different checkpoints.
~ You will fail
I graduated high school is honors and never had to study or struggled with grades for that matter. However, I will never forget my first test in college, it was Psychology (my major at the time) and I made a 46! I was devastated! I took classes that I failed, took again, and failed again. This doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed, but you may have a minor setback or two for a major comeback!
~ You may grow apart from people that you grew up with
Now this does not always happen but it can. You can grow apart from people for different reasons. It could be because you and your friend(s) may get involved in another circle of friends or it could be because you are on a path totally different from them.
Freshman Survival Tips

~ Develop a relationship with your professors and teacher advisors

I am not saying be a suck up or teacher’s pet but I do firmly believe that it is beneficial to have a healthy relationship with them. Sit in the front of the class, be on time, ask questions (when appropriate), and pay attention to their office hours. That’s why they have them. It can be to your best benefit to attend if you are struggling with the class. Also having those relationships may come in handy for letters of recommendations or references. (And trust me, you will need them.)
~ Make sure to establish some type of workout routine
Especially if you are not in sports where it is required. Freshman 15, 20, 25 (well you get the point) is REAL! Especially when you have unlimited access to places such as the cafe, Starbucks, Chick fil a and more – weight gain is so easy to obtain and NOT in a good way. Most colleges have an activity center where they offer fun workout classes for FREE with your student ID so take advantage!
~ Make sure to have essentials such as shower caddy, shower shoes, and personal items. 
This is important if you have community showers or have to share with multiple roommates. It is much easier to keep a hold of your things and keeps things germ free with shower shoes. 
~ Take advantage of student discounts
This one may sound like a no brainer but pretty much any and everywhere offer student discounts when you present your student id from local restaurants to nail salons to local grocery stores. 
~ Don’t sign up for early morning classes
Especially if you are not an early morning person. Once you are late so many times, it will definitely affect your grade. Like to snooze? Opt for later classes if possible.
~ Try not to take more than 3 classes a day
This is in my personal opinion because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, especially when it comes to test day/finals. It can be a little tricky to give every subject its proper amount of study time.
~ Get yourself out there!
Like I said before, EVERYONE knows that the struggle is real. College can be overwhelming at first, but it becomes a lot easier when you have a friend(s) to study, stay up late, go to karaoke night, attend football games and binge on Starbucks with. I promise you!
I hope you enjoyed this post sweetie pies! 
P.S. ~ My 25th birthday is tomorrow and I am so excited! Follow me on Snapchat (Ososweetstormie) to see all the antics!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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