Hidden Treasures

“There is no must in art because art is free.” ~ Wassily Kandisky
Something that I have been digging lately is thrifting and rummaging. Once upon a time, thrifting was practically considered a taboo of sorts. People never dared to mention that a cute blouse, shoes or even a bed frame was a secondhand product found at a thrift or antique store. But major thanks to bloggers and style stars alike, thrifting is all the rage! I guess the statement ‘Another person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ stands true.
There are so many beautiful treasures in the world and I think that true treasures are timeless. Whether that is a clock, a string of pearls, a handbag or tea cup set – I feel that with great care, these treasures can be enjoyed by mulitple people.
Some of the many benefits of thrifting include:
-Budget friendly
– Getting unique one-of-a-kind items
-Getting items that you won’t find anywhere else
-Having fun shopping because you ‘discover’ something new to you
-Getting to experience with your style more with  unique one-of-a-kind items
Some places that I love to shop for hidden treasures here in Houston
The Open Thrift Resale Shop
-Antiques and More
-August Antiques

There are several more antique stores and thrift shops – definitely making it one of the top cities in the U.S. for summer antiquing. There are so many it is practically impossible to list them all in fear that you will forget one! If you have never roamed through an antique at least once in your life, I encourage you to do so! You never know what hidden treasures await you!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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