Morning Routine 2016

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Hey Sweetie pies, I wanted to share what my morning routine consists of – ideally. Of course there are some days where things may not go according to plan because well that’s life. But on a good morning, this is what I usually do. 
7:30 am – My first alarm is going off which I usually hit snooze for or just magically don’t hear. Snoozing is a bad habit that I am trying really to break. 
7:45 am – My second alarm is going off and I definitely wake up and check out my First5  app and read my devotion for the day. Honestly I am usually still a little groggy so I always read it again later on in the day when I am fully awake. However I am working on giving God my first moments of my day to Him, sooo yeah. (Working progress here…)
8:00 am – I am making a mad dash to the bathroom. I usually drink a bottle of water before bed so needless to say, I have to GO!
8:05 am – I wash my face which consists of warm water, my cream cleanser and toner. I then moisturize my face with my Magical Moringa moisturizer from Lush. (I mentioned this in my April Favorites so feel free to check it out there!) I also brush my teeth during this time. Since my boyfriend and I have to share a bathroom, it is much easier to just do everything I need to at the sink at that time. 
8:20 am – I usually go give my boyfriend a kiss who is normally up by this time getting ready as well. (I hate having morning breath and kissing him so normally its just a kiss on the cheek. We can pucker up after we have both gotten rid of dragon breath, haha!) 
8:25 am – I usually take this time to do my makeup. If you all want to see my normal beauty routine, just leave me a comment below and I will get to work on that!
8:55 am – Normally my makeup is what takes the longest because I am also checking out Instagram and jamming out to music while I get ready. (My boyfriend David ALWAYS puts on some tunes while we are getting ready!) But by this time I am throwing on what I picked out to wear. (I usually put out my clothes the night before or on Sunday night on a good week, lolz) 
9:05 am – I am adding my last minute touches to my outfit such as jewelry or hair accessories. Sometimes I have to untwist my hair and fluff it out. (Naturalistas – y’all know what I am talking about.) I will also throw on a little moisturizer in my hair. 
9:20 am – My boyfriend usually makes breakfast and my coffee (I know he’s a keeper right?!) If I am running around like crazy (which is 99.7% of the time) then he will fix my coffee/breakfast to go. (He normally is dressed before I finish my makeup. So once he’s dressed he then goes downstairs to fix breakfast at that time. He’s so low maintenance. I often tell him that I am not blessed to look as naturally beautiful as him, I take a little more work haha!) 
9:25 am – We are heading out the door and ready to take on the world. (Figuratively speaking of course, haha!) 
What does your morning routine consist of? I know mines is pretty boring but I thought that I would share with you sweetie pies! Is your morning routine more of a routine? Or is it go with the flow? Leave me your thoughts below! 
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie 

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