Chloe + Isabel Summer 2016 Collection – The Amalfi Coast : Design and Inspiration

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein 
Hey Sweetie Pies, as you may already know, the summer collection in my online boutique has launched and it is EVERYTHING! I know, I know I say that with every new collection but you guys, the heart eyes emoji is REAL in this case! Like I am in total SA-WOON over these new pieces as well as some new additions to the C+I family! The main reason that this collection is my favorite to date is because we are expanding! That’s right, now only do we have gorgeous jewels but we now have other accessories such as sunglasses, sarongs, beach towels, cell phone cases, hair ties, but as well as accessories for men! Yes you heard right, so you can now snag something for the special men in your life. In today’s post I wanted to share the story and inspiration behind the new collection The Amalfi Coast. I love it that each of the mini collections have a story and a creative edge to them. So let’s travel together and explore The Amalfi Coast
2.jpg (800×800)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web1.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web3.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web2.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web5.jpg (2550×3300)

051016_InspirationPosters_Web4.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web8.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web7.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web6.jpg (2550×3300)

Summer16_InspirationPosters_web9.jpg (2550×3300)
What are you sweetie pies’ first impressions? Which mini collection do you think is your fave? Leave me a comment below!
Also, you can earn any of these items for FREE simply by booking a pop up with yours truly! It’s as easy as inviting a few friends over and we can all Swoon over the new jewels over wine! Or we can do an online event and you and your friends can shop guilt free in your pjs (bras off, lolz). 
Interested? Send me an email at with your name, location and availability and I will take care of the rest! I look forward to hearing from you!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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