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Hey hey sweetie pies. Thank you so much for the love on last week’s post! For today’s post I wanted to share what I’ve been obsessing over the past month. I haven’t been out much but I figured that it would help to share what I’ve been using the most!


Canva – I’ve been using this app to create my graphics for my blog and my dance classes. There’s a free as well as a paid premium version. I highly recommend this app for content creators and entrepreneurs. I mentioned this app on my Top 10 Apps for Bloggers post as well, make sure to check that out!

Lightroom- I have been enjoying using this app to edit my photos. I have a few photo editing apps but this is the one that I use the most. It has a free and paid premium version as well. You can also purchase presets to easily edit your photos on the go.

Burga – I discovered this brand some months ago and I am literally obsessed! This company offers aesthetically pleasing tech accessories such as phone cases, wireless chargers, laptop covers and more! The cases are so beautiful and so vibrant that the photos don’t really do them justice.

JLab Earphones – Thanks to my husband David, I’ve started using wireless headphones and not looked back! This is the particular pair that I use. It’s perfect for when I’m otg with Amara. I can talk on the phone while I grocery shop with Amara. 


Madonna Top – I have this shoulder padded top in black, white and pink. I find myself grabbing for these tops over and over again. I like pairing them with jeans, skirts or blazers.

Sparkle Mules – These shoes are the perfect mix of colorful and glamour. I like wearing them with dresses and skirts. I have been wearing these all the time when I want to dress up a bit. Sparkle is definitely trending at the moment. This is my take on this fun trend.

Carrie Handbag – This bag is my favorite everyday bag. It is the perfect size. I can fit all of my essentials and my camera! The versatility won me over as you can wear it as a handbag or crossbody. It sits comfortably at my hips when I wear it with the extended strap.

Wide Leg Jeans – These jeans are a godsend whenever I am bloated. The wide leg style is definitely trending. Baggy jeans with an oversized fit are having a moment and super on trend.

Black Girl Magic Weekender Bag – I love this bag for carrying my planners and laptop in. It is super cute and durable.  I also use it when I go grocery shopping or pick up some flowers.


Tria Blessed Lips Lip Gloss – This is a black owned business that I discovered at the height of the pandemic last year. I found this business through Black business FB group. I love her handmade lip glosses. The quality and packaging is great and the cost is affordable.

NYX Eyebrow Marker – I received this package courtesy of NYX and I have been obsessed! It is super easy to fill in my eyebrows quickly and cuts down my time getting ready.

Beautiful Mess Perfume – I am literally OBSESSED with this fragrance! There’s something oddly nostalgic about it for me. It’s the ideal feminine, sexy and sweet fragrance for me. Some say its smell is similar to a cake or macaroon. It was created by one of my fave Youtubers, Gabi Demartino.

Health & Skincare

Boka Toothbrush – This brush contains charcoal bristles that are gentle on my gums. The bristles are super soft.

Boka Toothpaste – This toothpaste is great for those with sensitive teeth. It is flouride and paraben free. It includes peppermint oil for a super refreshing taste. I am a fan of the packaging as well. Biggest selling point is that it’s safe if ingested and safe for my daughter to use.

Jes Lux Natural Deodorant – I recently began my transition to natural deodorant. I have been using this black owned brand. Fast shipping and works great with my sensitive skin! All natural ingredients make up this product and it’s aluminum and paraben free!!!

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” ~ Margaret Read

XO, Stormie

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