Stepping into Your Power | Become the BOSS You are Meant to Be!

Hey hey sweetie pies! For today’s post, I want to share some inspirational tips for stepping into your power. I feel like there’s a major shift taking place where people are acknowledging their true passions and talents. These various passions and talents are fueling the next wave of entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires. (You know claiming it for us all here) Even if you “stumbled” upon my post, believe me it was no accident. I firmly believe in the law of attraction. There’s a reason for you to be here reading just like there’s a reason for me writing. (FYI – This was NOT the post I had planned to write today.) However fate had other plans. And even though I am writing this for my new bff (again claiming it), I always believe that there’s a message in this post for me as well. So instead of thinking of some self-proclaimed successful blogger, think of me as your entrepreneur bestie. An accountability partner whose sole responsibility is to remind you of your awesomeness from time to time. So without further due, here are some helpful tips for helping you to step into your power.

Shift Your Mindset

The first step to winning in life is believing that you indeed will win in life. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Make sure that you are using it in a way that’s conducive. Start acknowledging negative self-talk as well. You may be surprised at how often you talk yourself out of opportunities. The thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “What will people think” no longer hold value. When they no longer hold value, they no longer hold space.

Imagine the Best Version of Yourself

This is selective based on the person but the narrative is still the same. What does the best version of yourself look like? Does your best self oversee a team of employees? Does your best self drive a Lexus? Perhaps your best self lives off grid in the tropics. However you envision your dream life doing things that make you feel joyful and fulfilled – those should be the things that you are seeking. More than likely, you entered entrepreneurship because you were looking to fill a void. You were either unhappy, underpaid, unfulfilled or a combination of all three.

Show Up as Your Best Self Daily

This one may seem like a given, but this statement means so much more than just getting out of the bed. As an entrepreneur, your career should reflect your lifestyle and vice versa. If you are a freelance yoga instructor, you should not only dress up everyday in leggings and a crop top. I should see that you’re a yoga instructor in other aspects of your life. Do you work out multiple times a week to stay prepared for potential clients? Are you taking other instructors’ classes to sharpen your skills and expand your network? If you are in the fashion industry, are you up to date with current trends? Do you take the time to shop and revamp your wardrobe to reflect your knowledge on current trends? Are you looking at beauty and hair care to refer to your potential clients? Remember that you are your brand essentially. That should not only reflect on paper, but in real life as well.

Build Self Awareness

We all have flaws and sometimes participate in behaviors that hinder our productivity. It is so important to understand our strengths as well as our weaknesses. If you are a photographer and you know you absolutely abhor editing, look into outsourcing that task. Knowing and coming to terms with ourselves and sometimes jeopardizing behavior – we can begin to step into our power. If you own your triumphs as well as your shortcomings, no one can ever hold it against you. Know your power and own it. For everything else, just hire someone else.

Develop New Habits

This is why the previous step is so important. On your path to self awareness, you may have noticed some counterproductive habits. Maybe you noticed the only habit you have is the habit of not having a habit to begin with. (Wut?) Hang with me here. Are you practicing self care? If you’re an artist, do you have a habit of drawing 2-3 times a week? If you’re a DJ, do you spend time researching new artists habitually? As everyone’s careers vary, good habits are smart investments into your future as well as the future of your business.

Build/Prepare for Longevity

If you haven’t noticed by now, stepping into your power requires a serious lifestyle change. Can it be tough? Yes. Impossible? Highly unlikely. Stepping into your power essentially involves elevating yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. Once you have prepared healthy habitual habits, now is the time to scale. Where do you want your business in the next year? 5 years? 10 years? What version of yourself is required to reach those goals in the next year or few? These answers should tell you your next course of action. After all, a real entrepreneur is always looking opportunities to evolve and grow.

Where are you on this journey? How will you be stepping into your power? I would love to read about your experience! What information did you take from today’s post? If you enjoyed, make sure to share and let your friends know!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis

XO, Stormie

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