3rd Trimester Recap

Hey hey my sweetie pies! I hope your week has been well. Thank you so much for the love for my most recent post! You can click here to check it out (https://sostormie.com/2020/05/05/walking-into-your-purpose-5-reasons-to-just-start-update/). In today’s post I am sharing my recap of my third trimester. To read about my experience in my previous trimesters, just search “pregnancy journey” and you can read all about them there! Since my second trimester was considerably easier than my first, I thought my third trimester would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong..

Why am I so Darn TIRED?!

I was wrapping up Mamma Mia towards the beginning of my third trimester. While I was bummed for the show to be coming to a close, I was also excited about focusing on the arrival of our little girl. I had 3 baby showers planned…yes THREE! David and I both being away from our families to having friends that were like family here in Texas – it just seemed right. Thankfully I only had to plan our shower here in Texas because I was exhausted! I remember sleeping 8-10 hours every night just to wake up tired. I absolutely hated it because it forced me to slow down. Which is totally not how your girl is wired. I am used to being on the go and having plenty of energy. (especially if I’ve had my caffeine) Due to Amara growing so much and so fast, my belly and my appetite definitely matched. And while it was exciting to see Amara progressing so much, it definitely took a toll on my body.

Heartburn is a B!*&#

I remember having really bad heartburn – so much so that it would keep me up at night. It pissed me off! Having been exhausted all day from doing literally nothing. (As if creating life is nothing) It was the absolute worst! I was popping anti-acids like skittles. I was miserable. It always seem to hit late at night as I was trying to relax to go to bed. Speaking of bed.

I feel Like an Oversized Fat Turtle

By the third trimester, my stomach was so big that I couldn’t sleep on my back. Being pregnant pushes the organs up and when you lie down, it makes it hard to breathe normally. It would feel like a weight was on my chest. It was challenging because my arms would eventually ache from me lying on my sides all the time. Plus by this point Amara was super active. She was always kicking and moving – especially if I ate. Apparently she love to eat as much as her momma. Rolling over took what felt like an eternity. Successfully shaving anywhere below the waist was an olympic sport. If I dropped something (God forbid) I’d accept my fate that it wasn’t getting picked up. I literally felt like an oversized fat turtle.

Insomnia is my New Frenemy.

Once I took care of my heartburn and found a comfortable position to sleep in – insomnia would rear it’s ugly head. I would just lie in bed mad as hell while David would sleep peacefully. It infuriated me! You ever want to sleep but can’t? It’s the worse feeling. I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy

Gimme all the food…and make it a double!

I wanted all the watermelon, popsicles, ice cream and chinese food. David was buying me watermelons weekly because I was demolishing them. I loved eating fresh watermelon. It was the perfect treat during those hot summer months. (Being pregnant during the summer is no fun) I also became obsessed with popsicles. I would eat like 4 or 5 of them in one sitting. I needed everything cold and staying hydrated was a must. Being hydrated was so important because I had an iron deficiency. I was thirsty all the time and insisted that my water had to be ice cold. I couldn’t stand drinking room temperature water. (Such a diva, I know) Earlier in my pregnancy, I tried to be mindful of my cravings. However in this trimester, I gave in to any craving I had. I lost count on how many times I went to Wing Stop, McDonald’s or Baskin Robbin’s. Whenever I had a specific craving, that’s all I would want. I’d refuse to eat anything else. I was pretty stubborn when it came to food.

Peeing for the 491375th time

I peed so much during my last trimester it should have been illegal! I remember the urge would come out of nowhere. Imagine just casually browsing in BuyBuyBaby when suddenly your bladder feels like it’s going to explode. And of course you don’t want to be the grown ass pregnant lady who pisses in the middle of the floor next to the cradles. So you have to waddle (because you damn sure can’t run) like a midget duckling just to get in the bathroom in time. Now imagine that happening every single time that you have to pee. I seriously contemplated getting some adult diapers and let me just say thank God for pantyliners. (WHEW!)

My Baby is WHAT?

As Amara’s due date kept getting closer, I started having weekly appointments. Every week my OB would conduct what’s called a cervix exam. Which is a fancy name for the doctor sticking her hand up your hoo-ha to feel if your cervix has begin dilating. It’s just as uncomfortable as it sounds. I already felt an immense amount of pressure as Amara was getting bigger by the day. Adding that was a feeling like none other. I went in for my last appointment before my due date to receive my routine cervix exam. My OB felt around for a few seconds, paused and then looked at me and said that my baby was breeched. I was like, “my baby is WHAT?” I was having a difficult time understanding this when everything had been fine. They quickly performed an ultrasound and then my doctor came in. She told me that in order for my baby to safely be delivered, I would have to have a c-section in a matter of hours. In that moment, reality hit me that I was about to bring my daughter in this world – whether I was ready or not.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where I share my labor and delivery story! If you’ve been enjoying my pregnancy journey posts, then share by clicking the options below this post!

“Stay close to anything that makes you feel alive.”

XO, Stormie J

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