April Favorites 2018

“Once we recognize what it is we are feeling, once we recognize we can feel deeply, love deeply, can feel joy, then we will demand that all parts of our lives produce that kind of joy.” ~ Audre Lorde

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May is here and in full swing! I swear I just was wearing sweaters and booties like yesterday… April was quite the month for me. I performed in a choreographer’s showcase – feel free to check out my review post to read about my experience. I started teaching at two dance studios. I have been working hard on my craft and enhancing my skill sets. I also have some products that I have been obsessing over this month as well as some miscellaneous products. Continue reading to check them out!
These earrings have been perfect for spring. The bright color goes great with my skin tone and they are super light. Did I mention that they are handmade?

Go to Daytime Look
This look has been everything lately. I have been all about comfort these days and this look is perfect for that. The button down is loose enough for those warm days and go great with any bottoms. This look is so easy to convert for the weekend and nighttime as well. Check out my post to read all about it. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Style
I love collecting fashion books. I like putting them on my desk, in the living room and searching for endless inspiration! This book includes a personal style quiz as well street style and celeb inspiration for 5 different style categories; classic, chic, feminine, cool and glam. The book also offers beauty inspiration from eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish and more!

Vanilla Chai Tea

You guys know that I am obsessed with coffee. Like I mean, I snap my Starbucks all the time even though I pretty much get the same thing everytime.  Plus I mean who really cares what I get anyway, lolz. But in the recent process of getting my life together, I have been drinking tea as an alternative. I have come to love vanilla chai! It gives that slightly smooth, creamy and slightly sweet taste. I love having a cup in the morning while watching the news or reading my devotion.

Little Witch Academia – Anime
S/o to my girl Bernadette for putting me on to this show! David and I love watching animes together and are always looking to binge watch on Netflix. I mean, who doesn’t bingewatch these days?! The cartoon follows this adorably naive (in my opinion) and outspoken girl who aspires to become a witch but struggles at the academy. Plus she and her friends are always getting into something so it’s good to watch with kids with a rating TV-Y7.

LA Color Last Nail Polish
This has become my fave drugstore nail polish. It is super inexpensive and the quality is great!. I usually use my OPI top coat with two coats of this polish. I have been doing my own manicures lately and it has been super fun to change my colors whenever I want. The color does last a long time.  My nails usually begin to chip after 8-10 days, 

I like it – Cardi B
Wavey – Cliq ft. Alika
Galaxy – Chloe X Halle
ADD – Dwilly ft. Emilia Ali
Dem Beats – Todrick Hall
Turn off the Lights – Chris Lake Ft Alexis Roberts

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