Winter Look Book 2018 Pt. 2

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” ~ Henry Ford 
Hey hey sweetie pies, for today’s post I am sharing part 2 of my winter lookbook! If you have not seen part 1 of my lookbook, you can view it here.  I will be sharing my creative thought process behind the looks as well as discuss some of this season’s reoccurring trends. I hope you guys enjoy!

This first look is Pink Lady from Grease meets The Chanels on Scream Queens with touches of red. Starting with the flowy tulle skirt and the rich red ribbed sweater which made for the sweetest combo with the flirty red heels. Complimented with this shaggy faux fur coat to be draped over the the shoulders. Accessorize with this rose toned jewelry such as the watch and adorable earrings. Red sunnies to bring out that cheekiness and playful element along with this adorable handbag. 

Untitled #1064

I simply love this look. It is casual but so put together at the same time! This look is great for going out for a bite to eat because it helps to cover your food baby! (lol) I opted for some large silver hoop earrings because why not? Then I added the watch and then the rings for a little layering fun. The sunglasses are super chic, especially when you add this handbag and these sexy booties.  
Untitled #1065

Untitled #1065 by stormiebjones featuring bezel watches

This look is for one of those really cold days out but you still want to look cute and fashionable. First I started with this pair of jeans with this adorable sweater. I love the colors in it! I decided to let this sweater be my color palette for this outfit. These tall gray boots look great with these ear muffs and faux fur handbag. Faux fur handbags are having a moment this season and can definitely add some personality to your overall look. Plus it serves as a nice focal point when you’re out and covered head to toe in a big coat. For accessories I opted for rose gold earrings and bracelets with pink leather watch. For the finishing touch, add some pink hued sunnies and you are set!

Untitled #1066

I love this look! This definitely for those who are inspired by the likes of the Olsen twins. To start this look, I chose this rich burgundy skirt and then paired it with this oversized sweater. To make sure you don’t lose your frame, opt to do a half tuck on the side. I usually don’t gravitate towards loafers so I wanted to challenge myself. I loved these with the pearl detail which brings some femininity to the look. I wanted to add some dimension to this look so I opted for this coat with the plaid print. I personally love the blue. I would style it by draping it over my shoulders. To elevate the look even further, I chose these earrings. You guys know that I have a thing for statement earrings at the moment. These were too cute to pass up! Y’all know I am extra so this oversized leopard clutch was a no brainer! These glam sunnies to block the haters and you are good! 
Untitled #1067

This look has brunch written all over it! Who said you can’t wear white in winter? Not I! I love this two piece set it is giving me total nautical vibes! For rich housewife flair, I opted for these hot red pumps and handbag. How sexy are these sunnies? Imagine these with a bob hairstyle! These diamond stud earrrings is all the jewelry you need. Polish off this look with this crisp white blazer. (But take it off while you eat!) 
Untitled #1068

Untitled #1068 by stormiebjones featuring bezel set stud earrings

This style is being seen on a lot of Instagram bloggers. They are definitely my inspiration for this look. How fun are these pants? I opted for a slim fit, cigarette pant style with this frill collar and hem sweater. I love this mustard yellow. For shoes I opted for these white booties. White booties are definitely trending at the moment! They are being worn with everything from jeans to skirts and dresses. These earrings are too cute for words and look great with this sweater. Complete the look with a studded bag and cool sunnies.

Untitled #1069

Untitled #1069 by stormiebjones featuring a chunky heel bootie

For this look, I started with this skirt. I thought it was super adorable and I love the buttons going down the front. I then added this sweatshirt to show that you can make a sweatshirt look stylish. I love the white and soft pink together. To keep the look casual, I added this oversized denim jacket and pink sneakers. For that laid back, “girl next door” vibes I opted for crystal studs, a pink backpack and pink sunglasses. 

Untitled #1070

Untitled #1070 by stormiebjones featuring kate spade earrings

This look is for a sexy night out on the town. This look is great for a rooftop party or a house party. If you are inside, check in your coat. But it will come in handy if they have an outdoor patio! This bralette is so simple and so sexy paired with these flare pants. Throw on this glamorous faux fur coat and wear it off of one shoulder with these silver booties. Take this mini textured bag with a bold red lip to complete the look. 

Untitled #1071

Untitled #1071 by stormiebjones featuring a flare trousers

I love this comfy casual look. This is great for shopping or grabbing coffee with friends. I love this shaggy cardigan. I can only imagine it feels like walking around in a blanket all the time! This gray tee and ripped jeans looks great with these sneakers and black beanie. To finish the look, black stud earrings, yellow tinted sunnies, apple watch and graphic backpack. 

Untitled #1072

I had the most fun creating this look here. This look may be too flamboyant for some, but style is subjective. Meaning that we all won’t like the same things or have the same views and that’s okay! But it was fun and different and I like when I feel creative with fashion and styling. After I saw this shirt I was so inspired! I wanted to create a colorful, bold and fun look. To keep that aesthetic going, I opted for these coral wide leg pants with this fun emerald green faux fur coat. I know this is quite a play on colors so I opted to keep the same color in accessories with the exception of my sunnies. A simple oval black pair adds just enough polish to complete this look. 

Untitled #1073

This next look is fabulous for a date night or heading to a fun concert downtown. Drape this leather jacket over this sexy wrap blouse for a edgy yet feminine appeal. This lace up skirt ties on the side and looks great with these pointed toe booties. These earrings are super glamorous and is all the jewelry you need. This faux fur handbag is so right now. Top your makeup with a pink nude
lip for sexy, demure pout. 
Untitled #1074

This final look is for a sophisticated night on the town but you want to break away from the predictable dress. Opt for a sexy jumpsuit! The lace on top leaves just enough to the imagination and the frill detail is adorable. These heels definitely catch the eye and look gorgeous under city lights! This gorgeous blue coat is not only going to keep you warm, but you will stand out among all the usual black coats. These double ended earrings are everything and to top it off – complete the look with this clutch. It is the perfect size for the necessities. 
Untitled #1075

Untitled #1075 by stormiebjones featuring low heel shoes

Which look was your favorite? Did you like Part 1 or Part 2 better? Would love to hear your thoughts!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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