My 5 Biggest Blogging Regrets

“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.” ~ Socrates
Hey sweetie pies! Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend! Whoo-hoo! For me, my weekend has officially begun. I was in thought earlier today, and I came up with the idea to write about this topic today – My biggest regrets when it comes to blogging. 
Now the title may or may not catch you a bit off-guard but trust when I say that you will enjoy reading this. Even more, you might find that you have similar regrets when it comes to different aspects of your life as well. Hopefully reading about my regrets will inspire you to make a change about something in your life. 😀
1. I regret not starting my blog sooner.
I can’t lie, there are some times when I think of different things could be if I would’ve started sooner. 
2. I regret ever comparing myself to other bloggers.
I have talked about this on the blog before and how toxic it can be for your confidence and overall morale. You must remember that everyone’s journey is different. 
3. I regret not investing in my blog sooner.
Since I considered my blog just a hobby when I started, I didn’t really think about domain ownership, customized themes, monetizing – nothing like that.  So therefore, I didn’t think about investing in my blog and the importance of doing so. But I am slowly but surely making changes to my blog and investing in my many crafts. 
4. I regret being more fearless when it comes to creating content.
Believe it or not, I can be hesitant when it comes to creating content. Especially when it comes to my dancing because it is what I am the most sensitive about. But one blog resolution (if you will) is to do more dance related posts such as videos and sharing more of my dance experiences. 
5. I regret not giving a damn what anyone else may think.
As harsh as it may sound, this statement couldn’t resonate with me any more than it does now. I used to get sooooo caught in what the next person might say or do in regards to what I am doing. It crippled me! I started feeding that negative dialogue on the regular. And the worst part? This toxic dialogue started to establish itself in every aspect of my life! It was absolutely terrible and who got time for that?! Tell them haters ‘middle fingers up tell them hoes BYE!’ (Once again harsh, but definitely needed!!!)
Do you live with any of these kind of regrets? If so, leave them in 2016! They have no place in your life anymore. I challenge you to share one of your biggest regrets below and how you are going to make a change in your life. I love you guys. Let’s make this year great!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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