What To Do and Not To Do at an Audition

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” ~ Neil Gaiman
Hey Sweetie Pies, most of you know that dance is my first passion, so I want to start incorporating more dancer-friendly posts on le blog. It is now considered “audition season” for such things as summer intensive workshops, repertoire ensembles, summer productions, etc. Auditions can be a stressful, nerve racking situation – if you let it. I have been on a few auditions ranging from school musicals to dance companies to TV Shows. (I auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance once…) So trust me when I say that I have learned a few things along the way about what and what not to do at an audition. While some of these tips apply to any audition, most tips are targeted directly to dance related auditions. (Just an FYI)
DO : Bring multiple copies of your resume’ and headshots
You never know how many people may want/need a copy of your resume’

DON’T : Come unprepared without proper clothing garments
You want to make sure that you wear something that is simple, flattering and shows off your figure. When in doubt, wear a neutral color. You can never go wrong with black. 
DO : Dress for the role!
If you are auditioning for an ensemble member in the musical Cinderella, you may not want to come dress like you’re auditioning for CHICAGO the musical. Two different times, two different musicals. 
DON’T : Go to an audition without researching what you are auditioning for!
If you make it past preliminary, often times judges will ask you about the show, company, whatever! Make sure that you can articulate a statement that reflects that you do indeed know what you are talking about. Not knowing anything about the show, company, etc that you are auditioning for could be a red flag to judges. 
DO : Wear minimal makeup!
I say this because if you are dancing and wearing a full caked on face of makeup, you are going to sweat it off! Some may disagree with this one so I guess at the end of the day, it is all about preference. In my honest opinion however, makeup is essential yes, but don’t wear so much makeup to where you look like a complete different person. Especially if you look completely different in person or completely different in your headshot, YIKES! Also bring your makeup to touch up if necessary. 
DON’T : Psyche yourself out!
Often times during auditions, we get inside our own head and start second-guessing our talent – DON’T!! Confidence is key, Remember that!
DO : Be yourself, but be professional!
This one is pretty self-explanatory…
DON’T : Compare yourself to the others auditioning.
Consult the inspirational quote at the beginning of the post. There is something wonderful that the world deserves that only YOU can offer so what’s the point in comparing yourself to other people? (I know this is often easier said than done, but it is something that you definitely want to start putting into practice.) 
DO : Treat it all as a learning experience.
In every audition that I have done, I have ALWAYS learned something. So once you learn better, you DO better. 
DO : Come prepared with ALL of your dance shoes. 
The casting notice asked for character shoes…. The casting notice asked for tap shoes…. Blah, blah, blah… Ok then – BRING ALL OF YOUR DANCE SHOES! It may have asked for character shoes – Initially. Then you make it past preliminary and they may ask for tap shoes, etc. Better to be safe than sorry! (Plus, it will be a good look to judges that you came prepared.) 
DON’T : Audition without warming up your body first!
This may come off as common sense but the last thing you want is to seriously injure yourself and fail that audition all because of something silly as an improper warm-up.
DO : Get a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast.
If you are not properly rested and body is not properly fueled you WILL NOT perform at your best. Point. Blank. Period. 
DON’T : Overeat
Yeah you will definitely not want to be remembered as that dancer that blew chunks everywhere because she decided to eat a double bacon cheeseburger with chili fries and a chocolate shake. You can treat yourself to that AFTER you nail the audition… Maybe. 
DO : Come early to audition.
I have experienced first hand that the judges will start early if there is sufficiently a large number of people auditioning. Checking in, getting an audition number, getting your picture taken, (they sometimes do that at auditions) can also be a lengthy process. Plus if you get there in ample amount of time, you can stretch/warm up there!
DON’T : Come with big expectations!
Often times, big expectations become big disappointments! Not trying to sound like a Debbie-downer, but it’s the truth. Treat every audition like it is it’s own, like you should. If you don’t have certain expectations, you are more acceptable of whatever outcome you get. Be mindful that I said big expectations of the outcome and not high expectations of the overall experience. 
DO : Bring light but filling snacks!
Auditions can sometimes be a lengthy process, like an all day process. I encourage you to bring light snacks and/or a lunch depending on the audition schedule. Some snacks that are great to have are granola bars, nuts, trail mix, bananas, apples, oranges and crackers. Of course bring WATER!
DON’T : Be THAT dancer. 
That dancer that is rude or catty. That dancer who is not prepared. That dancer that is late. That dancer that makes you wonder why they even came to the audition. That dancer that obviously didn’t read this blog post. 
DO : Give it your all – Every. Single. Time.
It is best to give it your all, no matter the result. At the end of the day, if you gave it all, you can’t be mad at yourself. If you gave it your all, and you don’t succeed, it just wasn’t your time – Yet. But if you go into an audition just to not give it your all and you don’t succeed, you’re always going to wonder ‘what if’? And ultimately you just fail yourself. 
DO : Have fun!
Always remember why you are there in the first place – because this is something that you LOVE! So make sure to have fun and enjoy the process and getting the chance to do something that you love. Keeping this thought in the front of my mind helps me with my audition, every time. 
I hope that this post helped and inspired you! See you on the dance floor. 🙂 
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie 

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