Style By Stormie J : How I Choose my Look for the Day

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Hey sweetie pies! So I have decided to rename my Style 101 series. I have opted to change the name to ‘Style By Stormie J’, just like the hashtag that I use on Instagram if you’re familiar. So from here on out, my style tips/suggestions posts will include ‘Style By Stormie J’ in the title name. 
Ok, now that we have gotten that out the way, on to what you guys came for. 🙂
I know for some, picking a look for the day can be a daunting and exhausting task, but I am here to offer tips to create a look that hopefully you love and feel confident in. I am going to share things that I do when choosing my outfit for the day. 
1. If I can, I opt to plan my outfit the night before. 
Try to plan your look the night before if you can help it. This will save you from MAJOR stress in the morning and not to mention time! (Can you say SNOOZE?!) By planning the night before, you can try things on to see if the pieces work together. So if you can, take your time the night before and have fun!
2. Next thing I do is check the weather.
There is nothing worse than opting for that sheer top just to realize that the high for the day is 50 degrees. (Yikes!) Or opting for those open toe high heels and there’s 80% change for rain that day. Soooo yeah, always check that weather app peeps!
3. Consult your schedule for that day and see what all you have planned.
Schedule consists of 2 classes,  hot yoga and coffee at the corner cafe with your bestie? Well a midi dress with a blazer and lace up heels may not be on the style menu that day, and that’s ok. Maybe you have an interview for your dream job/internship? If so, business casual is on your style menu for the day. I could go on but yeah I think you guys get the point. Bottom Line: Make sure that what you choose to wear is befitting for your schedule. 
4. Think about “who” you want to be that day.
This may sound crazy to some but I look at getting ready as a creative process but it really can be, if you let it. I think about how I am feeling that day. Do I want to dress girly or edgy? Do I want to wear heels or flats? For what all I have to do that day, is it more appropriate to dress up or dress casual? 
5. Start with a foundation piece.
I start with one basic piece and I build my outfit around that. Maybe you have a new skirt, top, or pair of shoes you’re eager to wear? Or maybe since you have that important interview and you have that blazer that makes you feel super confident? It doesn’t matter what piece it is, just pick one that you love!
6. Create your basic outfit.
What I mean by “basic outfit” is your top and bottoms. You can simplify this process even more by opting for a dress, romper or jumpsuit. 
Me personally this is my favorite part of getting dressed. Accessories give your basic outfit character and helps expresses your individuality. This is when your outfit become one of a kind look and gives your look those cool, unexpected touches in an effortless way. Accessories can be minimal or make a bold statement and include shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves and even makeup! (See this previous post to check out how to use makeup as a foundation or as an accessory for your outfit.)
8. Rock It!
Remember this look should be something that you feel confident and beautiful in! Go forth beautifully and confidently!
If you want specific outfit suggestions for different occasions that I mentioned such an interview, meetings, etc. Leave me a comment below! 
Enjoy the rest of your week sweetie pies. The weekend is so close, I have faith that you can make it! Lolz
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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