Dorm Room Essentials!

“The Earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespeare

Hey Sweetie Pies, move in day is quickly approaching for all of my college readers out there. Now even though I have graduated college, I absolutely loved my dorm. It was definitely my home away from home, my little special haven. It was the best thing to see after a long day of classes, meetings, and rehearsals. (I was VERY involved during my college career) It had everything I needed and was perfect for whatever I did whether that’s studying, relaxing, or even entertaining guests.

In today’s post I am going to share with you all my dorm room essentials and hopefully this will help make you feel right at home!

1.) Mattress cover – A lot of the mattresses at colleges are old and not that comfortable to say the least so I suggest grabbing a mattress cover for some extra plush.

2.) Bedding – Now of course this sounds obvious but I suggest investing in some really nice bedding. Something that is comfortable and it makes you think of home. I suggest luxury bedding from Parachute.

3.) Rugs – For guys, this may not be seen as a necessity but usually floors are super dull and cold! I suggest rugs that go with your decor if you don’t have carpet.

4.) Pictures – Especially if you are a homebody somewhat like myself, I recommend bringing pics of your friends and family to hang up in your new dorm. It is great to look at when feeling homesick.

5.) Dry Erase Boards/Memo Boards – These are great because you can hang your pictures as well as reminders/flyers about different events going around on campus. My boards often served as reminders as well as inspirations that I would often write down to get me through a busy week. I also used a separate board and wrote my goals down and put it by my bed so I would see them as soon as I got up. It kept me motivated (especially on those mornings when you would rather sleep in, and trust me, the day will come).

6.) Candles – I absolutely love the scent of lavender so needless to say I always had a lavender candle. Lavender calms me down and puts me in a happy place, which is ideal after a hard test or presentation. Now be careful with candles because a lot of colleges don’t allow them but if they do, go for it!

7.) Microwave – You will probably become besties with this appliance. lolz While pulling all nighters, you will get hungry. Welcome to the world of ramen noodles, hot pockets, sandwiches, and pot pies! Lolz

8.) Laptop – Your laptop will likely be on your lap….. a lot. You will be using your laptop for lectures, studying, homework, and Netflix. Lolz My first semester of college I didn’t have a computer and I almost lost it! You will need one for these reasons and more.

9.) Portable Speakers and/or Earphones – I think the reason for portable speakers goes without reason (lolz) But you may have a roommate that is not about music playing 1 in the morning life and the entire campus may not know what is your playlist for walking to class so definitely invest in a good pair of headphones

10.) Shower Accessories – This is extremely important of course, but especially if you have a community shower. Make sure to invest in shower shoes, towels, a bath robe and a shower caddy.

I hope this helps and you feel prepared to take on a new school year in comfort and style! As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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