Pool/Beach Day Essentials!

“Beauty is the imitation of your soul.” ~ Joh O’Donohue

Hey my Sweetie Pies! It’s Fri-YAY! I hope you guys have a great weekend planned ahead. My weekend will consist of mostly relaxing poolside. (Bring on unsightly tan, lolz) But in all seriousness, I thought I would share with you all Any and All essentials when I go to the pool or beach.

Pool/Beach Day Essentials!

Pieces black cape
$38 – pieces.com

Bikini top

Peter Rutz fringed shawl
$60 – navabi.co.uk

Fedora hat

Eos lip treatment
$10 – selfridges.com

Tarte sun care

PINK Water Bottle

To start off, you have to have a fun and fab swimsuit. One that is flattering and you feel great in! I love this one from +Choies! Me personally, I like having a kimono or a scarf to cover all this lusciousness up lolz. This black kimono is a great pick as well as this scarf. You could also fold this scarf and rock it like a headband. If I have my extensions in then I like to put my hair up in a top bun so these +Vera Bradley  hair ties are perf for that! Of course you need a bright pair of flip flops such as these +Victoria’s Secret flip flops! I love rocking sunnies for obvious reasons but the hat is a great option to shield your face from the sun. Even though I love the sunshine as much as the next person, too much of it is no joke! I like this sunscreen by +tarte cosmetics from +Sephora.

I hate having chapped lips so I definitely like carrying a lip balm like +Eos Lip Balms around at ALL TIMES! And since being out in the sun for hours at a time can be draining, I have to carry water with me. I opt for this adorable water bottle from +Victoria’s Secret for only $15! And of course you got to have an adorable beach towel such as this one from +Belk.

Now don’t judge, but I feel naked if I don’t have on earrings. (Weird I know…. Don’t Judge!) I like to keep it cute and simple with a pair of pretty studs such as these from +Chloeandisabeldotorg. (Feel free to check these out plus more by clicking the Chloe and Isabel tab on my home page) And of course I need a tote to carry all of these essentials in! I instantly fell in love with this adorbz tote from +PacSun !

What are YOUR pool/beach day essentials? Maybe something that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below. Hope you all have a great and safe weekend!

As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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