How to Style : Madonna Top 3 Ways

Hey hey sweetie pies! I hope today’s post finds you well. In my boutique we have a new top named Madonna. The name was given based on the dramatic shoulders. Shoulder pads are definitely having a moment – especially in sleeveless shirts. Guaranteed to add some flair to an otherwise basic top.

Look #1 – Date Night

For this look I started with this faux leather skirt. Then adding these leopard pointed toe mules to elongate the legs. I then finished the look with some statement gold dangle earrings, the Carrie handbag in black, (nude option available here) and my black cateye sunnies. Opting to tuck my shirt in to accentuate my waist and draw the eye upward. Also keeping the hair out of my face to allow the earrings to shine. This look is super easy to recreate – maybe even opting for denim instead.

Look #2 – Drinks with the Ladies

When stepping out with my girls, I want to look stylish without trying too hard. Best advice is to let your accessories do the talking for you. I started with a very basic look, pairing our Madonna top with some cropped jeans. I like jeans that crop just above the ankle. They are super flattering by making the legs appear longer. I then opted for this slouchy clutch that will be making its way to the boutique soon. I simply love this handbag – from the shape to the color, I just knew it belonged in my closet! It is the perfect size to carry your essentials such as phone, keys, cards and mask. Since my outfit at this point was still pretty basic, I then opted for these gorgeous rainbow sparkle mules! When I saw these, I fell in love! I had to have them in my wardrobe! These will definitely serve as a conversation starter plus I love how bold and fun they are! Lastly I completed this look with these bold fun earrings and simple cateye sunnies.

Look #3 – Everyday Casual

This look is definitely something that I would wear for everyday wear. It’s cute and functional enough for errand running and working. I started with this silky skirt. I love this snakeskin pattern in the neutral colors. The neutral tones allow for the pink to claim the spotlight. Opting for sneakers instead of heels or sandals create juxtaposition and offer comfort. Lastly this bone colored handbag is totally chic when paired with these oversized sunnies. In order to highlight the waist opt for a french tuck or side tuck. This creates a carefree vibe as if you didn’t try too hard. (But we all kinda do right??)

Which look is your fave and how would you style it? Let me know in the comments! You can shop this top in black, white and pink here.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” ~ Bill Cunningham

XO, Stormie J

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