March Favorites 2018 – What I am Loving Currently in Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech and More!

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.” ~ Wilma Rudolph
Hey hey sweetie pies, happy Tuesday! For today’s post I want to share some things that I have been obsessed with! I have some YouTube videos that I have been obsessing over and songs that are on repeat. I also have some products in fashion and lifestyle that I want to share with you guys. If you are looking to try out some new things or just curious in what my monthly favorites are, then just keep reading!

Zeta Monogrammed Pearl Back Earrings
I got these beauties c/o Arli Accessories and they have been a dream! Lisa is the owner of Arli Accessories, where she makes her accessories by hand! She has an array of different accessories as well as Greek affiliated accessories. We recently got together to do a giveaway for a free pair of customized earrings on my Instagram and it was pretty fun! I wore these beauties to a step show that I judged for back in early March. They don’t slip off and they’re super comfortable.

Be Fabulous App
One of my goals for this year is to drink more water, eat breakfast regularly and to work out more consistently. This free app helps me to keep daily track of those goals. I love this app because it comes with alarms that you can set. I let the alarm setting on this app wake me up in the morning. It is a really positive way to monitor your progress while continuing to chase your dreams. This app also provides motivational newsletters which is a great encouragement to have during your journey to weight loss or healthier living.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Omg since I bought these sunnies a couple of weeks ago I CANNOT take them off! I have been wanting a pair of nice, chic, neutral yet unique pair of sunglasses. They can definitely go with any and everything! You can create a simple look that is just as chic with a white tee, denim skinnies, converse and these sunnies – instant cool girl next door vibes. 

YouTube Videos
Next Town Down ft. Alyson Stoner – Evolution of Michael Jackson
This group is the epitome of #BlackBoyJoy in my opinion. A recent social media sensation due to a video that went viral. That same video is currently sitting on 1.8 million views on YouTube and millions more on popular social media platforms. The group comprises of 5 talented African-American males with beautiful voices. The group is known for creating cover videos as well as their spectacular harmonizing. 
I love the arrangement that they made in this video. It is a little lengthy so I would suggest grabbing a light snack or beverage to enjoy. Filled with beautiful singing, harmonizing, nice wardrobe choices, cool music mixes and dancing of course, this video is definitely a treat for any Michael Jackson fan out there. 
I like this video so much I think because of the aesthetics as well as the fact that the group members all wrote a verse to add to this unique mashup. I also like that it gets to show their personality. It has more of a laid back feel compared to the previous video mentioned but it is definitely worth lending an ear to!

Erin May Henry – How to Visualize What you Want
For all of my #GirlBosses and creative entrepreneurs, this video is for you! Erin May Henry is an entrepreneur and YouTuber who offers an array of videos from how to create an ebook to how to stay motivated. I enjoy watching her videos for information and motivation to get my Sh*t together! Her videos are straight forward and very informative. I definitely recommend checking out her channel.

God’s Plan – Drake
The Kids are Alright – Chloe X Halle
Money Showers – Fat Joe and Remy Ma ft. Ty Dolla Sign
Top Off- DJ Khaled ft. Jay Z and Beyonce
No Drama – Tinashe ft Offset
Migos – Walk it Talk it 
What have you been loving this month? I want to her alll about it in the comment section!
As always, XO an Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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