NYE 2017 Look Book – 9 Looks, 9 Occasions

“Look at life with the eyes of a child.” ~ Henri Matisse
Hey hey sweetie pies, I am beyond excited that Christmas is 4 days away! I have been getting so caught up with Christmas that I have yet to think about NYE! The reality is that NYE is a little over a week away! I don’t know about you guys but my plans are still up in the air so of course I have no idea what I am going to wear! With that in mind I figured this would be the perfect time to create a New Year’s Eve lookbook with pretty much every occasion in mind! You read it right, I created 9 unique looks for 9 different occasions. I will also share my thought process behind creating each look. This look book inspired me so I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy!
This look is definitely a look for a formal party. If you have a black tie event that you are intending, you always want to make a good impression. I wanted something that would stand out without being too flashy. This nude dress is perfect as it will stand out among a sea of black and sequins. Its silhouette and bardot style exudes sexy in a modest way. Let your accessories do the talking with gorgeous statement earrings and a just as glamorous clutch. Opt for a nude heel so it doesn’t overwhelm the entire look.

Untitled #1048

Untitled #1048 by stormiebjones featuring evening clutches

Dinner Party
For this one you can definitely go more casual than the previous look. I am loving the blazer dresses at the moment. They are so chic and sexy without exposing much. I found this one and I love the material and color! These rose gold boots are so gorge and cover you up a little more. The great thing about rose gold is that it pairs with both silver and gold. For this look the gold earrings were so cool and the lariat would lay so well on the chest. Complete the look with this rose gold clutch and you are good to go!

Untitled #1044

Untitled #1044 by stormiebjones featuring pointed-toe boots

All White Party
I figured I would create a look for an all white party. This dress is perfect for hugging those curves and cinching in your waist. It can be a struggle trying to find white shoes during the winter time so I just opted for gold booties. You can opt to do any pop of color you like, I am just really digging metallic at the moment. I love the fun drop earrings completed with the clutch – love the stripe detail. Clutch is big enough to hold the necessities – keys, phone, cash and cards.

Untitled #1047

Untitled #1047 by stormiebjones featuring a white colour dress

See a Show
Perhaps you are going to see your favorite comedian, check out a jazz club or maybe even to see your girl at a burlesque show 👀 this is the look for you. Dare to stand out in a sea of dresses with these gorgeous wide leg pants paired with this sequin crop top. These embellished pumps are super glam complimented with the faux fur scarf. The hat paired with these statement earrings and gold cuff makes it too cute for words! Complete the look with a fuss free crossbody bag with chain strap.

Untitled #1045

Bar Hopping with Friends
I had so much fun creating this look because I didn’t know what occasion it would be for. I was just creating to be creating. 🙂 I love this colorful sequin dress. Dare to be colorful and do something a little different. When bar hopping you are in and out of those cold temps so this light and stylish leather jacket is perfect! Opting for some combat style boots are better for walking around on sticky bar floors. If heels aren’t your thing you can definitely opt for flat combat boots to achieve the same look. I chose the clutch because it is so cute and unique but a mini backpack or a crossbody bag is more practical. Kept my jewelry simple with silver hoop earrings.

d #1046

Untitled #1046 by stormiebjones featuring a handbag purse

Night Out with the Girls
If you are planning to hit the club with your girlfriends then this look is for you! This sexy off the shoulder is on trend and perfect for dancing the night away. Pair it with some platform heels for more leverage. I know when I go out, I rather just have on a fun pair of earrings because I am too busy dancing the night away! I opted for this acrylic box clutch because you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty plus it is super small and stylish!

Untitled #1049

Untitled #1049 by stormiebjones featuring heeled sandals

House Party
Hitting up a house party? Then this look was created with you in mind. For a house party, I wanted the look to be super trendy with edge and comfortable. I fell in love with these lace up mom jeans paired with a graphic tee and some sneakers. I opted for embellished sneakers because it is NYE after all but any sneaker or boot for that matter could work with this look. For accessories I opted for a bakers boy cap, a choker necklace and these major hoop earrings. Top it off with this chic faux fur coat and you will be the coolest one there! If jeans aren’t your speed you can definitely opt for a leather or denim skirt!

Untitled #1050

Untitled #1050 by stormiebjones featuring vintage hats

I usually wear some form of a midi dress or midi skirt with blouse to church but I figured for a night watch service, I would wear something a little more casual. This jumpsuit was just that while still covering everything. It is super comfortable and flattering on the body. Compliment the jumpsuit with these beautiful pumps. I especially love the detail on the heel. Some fun tassel earrings and a gold bow clutch to complete the look. The sequin blazer is optional and definitely not a requirement. The look is complete with or without the blazer.

Untitled #1052

If your NYE plans include the couch and your tv then this last look is for you! Grab your comfiest leggings with a simple tank and chunky cardigan. This look screams comfy! Whether you are curled up with the kids, your significant other and/or pets – this is perfect look to lounge around the house. Count down to 2018 in comfort with these adorable house slippers and you are set!
What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Did any of my outfits help you with deciding what to do/wear? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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