My Top Tips for Boosting your Creativity!

“It is important to express oneself…provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience.” ~ Berthe Morisot
Happy Monday sweetie pies! For all of my creatives out there, whether you’re a writer, painter, singer, musician, dancer etc. all at one time or another struggled with staying creative. While some believe one never runs out of creativity, others may believe that creativity has it’s moments. That creativity has an ebb and flow to it. I rather believe the latter. I definitely get writer’s block and dancer’s block alike. There are times when I struggle with something creatively speaking and it drives me crazy! I think often times we creatives are perfectionists who see the world in a perfect way and like to make that our reality by creating it ourselves. Or perhaps we feel that the world ignores the things that are wrong and chooses to exploit those things, bringing those things center stage. (Literally and figuratively) 
Whether you fall into group 1, 2 or dabble between the two, this post is for you awesome creators – creators of art and reality. I am going to share my top tips for staying creative or boosting your creativity. 
Reflect on Childhood
Reminiscing on your childhood can inspire you greatly. Maybe that inspiration lies in a significant event that took place, a childhood home, relationships with relatives who have passed on – all of these things I take inspiration from to either tell a story or to convey an emotion.

Mother Nature
Taking some time with mother nature not only helps to de-stress and put you in a better mood it also helps to clear your thoughts and reconnect. We as humans live in a technological world where everything is so fast paced and leaves little time to actually enjoy the beautiful world around us. I took some time to unplug and enjoy nature this past weekend and it was just what I needed!

Take a Break
Sometimes all it takes is for you to literally walk away from the project. When you take a break, you let your brain take a moment to recharge and gather your thoughts. I understand that some work well under pressure but even those who love the adrenaline rush need a break every once in a while.

Remember to not be so hard on yourself
Often times, artists are perfectionists and while some would view this as a good quality, it often hinders more than it helps. Remember that you are still human and th!at Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s okay if your work isn’t where you want or need it to be right now but just trust the process and know that it will get there.

Remember to Have Fun!
Creating is meant to be enjoyed. Make sure to enjoy the process along the way because every aspect is special and conducive to getting the final result! Often times once I stop focusing on every little detail and just have fun – that’s usually when everything comes together! After all, art is meant to be fun and not something to take serious 24/7.

Take Inspiration from Everywhere!
I gather inspiration from everywhere ranging from magazines to bloggers to social media to everyday people! I often encourage creatives to keep a notepad or a note section on your phone because you never know when inspiration will hit you!

These are my top tips for boosting your creativity! For all of my creatives, holla at me in the comments sharing what YOU do! Have any cool creative friends? Share this post with them so we can spread the love! See you sweetie pies Wednesday!

As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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