Get to Know Me – 25 Unique and Random Facts about Me!

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started.”

Hey hey sweetie pies, happy Thursday! For today’s post, I figured that I would share 25 unique/random facts about me. I wanted to do a revamp of this post of when I did 20 Random Facts about Moi post two years ago. Since it is long overdue, I thought it would only be appropriate. Check them out below!

1. I have trypophobia – fear of holes.

2. Growing up, I played with Barbie dolls. Now I think of myself as a Barbie doll that I get to dress up everyday.

3. I love the show Chopped. I prefer to watch it while I am eating, otherwise I get hungry from watching. HAHA!

4. My biggest fear is failing.

5. I am very spoiled and don’t like being told no.

6. I have eczema, a skin condition where itchy rashes are a symptom.

7. I like to eat toast from Cane’s with sweet tea.

8. My favorite fragrance is lavender.

9. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. Do NOT ask me to kill one! We will have to burn the place down.

10. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian. (Love animals!)

11. My all time favorite holiday is Christmas! I do it up big! I decorate the house, bake cookies, watch Christmas specials, listen to Christmas music all month… I even want to go ice skating this year!

12. I am either super bubbly and energetic or I am very chilled and quiet, I have no in between.

13. I don’t like bullys…AT ALL!

14. I have never broken a bone.

15. Growing up I was very shy so I had a lot of imaginary friends.

16. As a kid, I had a big imagination. I carried that well into my adulthood.

17. I am usually really sweet but I can be pretty mean at times.

18. I’ve never had a relationship with my father.

19. I dream of having a family one day.

20. I LOVE fried catfish with honey mustard. Shoutout to one of my good friends for putting me on to that. 🙂

21. I want to be a good role model for my younger cousin and little sister. I know that they are watching me and looking up to me and I don’t want to fail them.

22. I care so much to the point that I hate that I care so much. Sometimes I get hurt because I wear my heart on my sleeve.

23. I try to be a free spirit as much as possible but I DEFINITELY can posses a “Type A” personality.

24. I have never flown in a plane.

25. I am proud of the woman I am becoming, even if I don’t tell her often.

Whew! Now that I have bared it all in a sense and shared 25 unique facts about myself, what’s one unique fact about you? Let’s celebrate our diversity!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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