7 Habits of Successful People

“You’re more than a pretty face. You’re also pretty strong, pretty smart, pretty bold, pretty fierce, pretty tough, pretty amazing.”
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Happy Tuesday sweetie pies! Whether you are preparing for school to start, or you want to make some changes in your career, there are certain habits that you need to develop. No doubt that when you look at the successful individuals who are major Girl Bosses, success stories, celebrities, bloggers, entrepreneurs (I can go on and on) – they always confess that they have certain habits that helped them with their success. I want to share 7 successful habits of successful people. If you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, a student or looking to advance in your career then this post is for you!
1. Self Motivated
Any successful person has to be motivated. This one is pretty much a no-brainer but if you lack the motivation and confidence to see yourself through the tough times, you definitely will not last long. ‘
2. Develops a Routine
Most successful people have some sort of routine. This usually helps with productivity and getting the important things done first. Most successful people I know have some sort of morning routine where they meditate or work out in the morning. The morning time is usually when you are the most productive and successful people already know this. That’s why they usually get up earlier than usual to get an early start to the day. 
3. Time Management Skills
In order to make the most of your time, time management is a MUST! Learning how to make the most of your time is definitely a skill that you will need to possess. Especially if you are a student or if you’re starting up a business – there is always something to study for or a task to complete. Having good time management skills will help you make the most of your time and alleviate alot of unnecessary stress.
4. Flexible
Even though you can be excellent at managing your time, sometimes things can happen that are out of your control and you have to adjust. Deadlines can change, your staff can change, life can change and you must be flexible and go with the flow at times. Sometimes it is better to ride with the current instead of against it. 
5. Student Mentality
No one has the all the answers…NO ONE including you. It is important to be humble when need be and develop a student mentality. The more open your mind is the better. Having an open mind with a willingness to learn a trade is crucial in today’s society. Some of the most successful people out there aren’t just good at one thing, they are proficient in many areas. It is always good to invest in yourself and learn more. Read books, watch tutorials, take classes – anyway to advance yourself and your career is always a good thing!
6. Doesn’t Make Excuses
In the real world, people don’t care about could have, would have, should have – they want to see results. So don’t give excuses as to why this or that did or didn’t happen. Successful people are great problem solvers and usually find their own solution to many situations. In the event that they don’t have a solution they are not afraid to ask someone else. 
7. Passionate
At the end of the day, there has to be some reason for what you are doing. Maybe you’re trying to graduate, get a promotion, start a business – whatever it is, it should be something that you are passionate about. Most successful people are successful because they are doing what they love. Because they love it so much, it often doesn’t feel like work to them yet they put in overtime for it. It is so important in my eyes to do something that you love because if you don’t then what’s the point?
What habits do you think I failed to mention? Do you have any successful habits that you would like to share? Let me know in the comment section below. Also let me know if you guys would like to see a part 2 to this post, I will be more than happy to do that!
Have a great Tuesday!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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