How I Fell in Love with Fashion! – Story Time

“Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely.” ~ Adama Amanda Ndiaye

Hey hey sweetie pies! So Fabulously Sweet just turned 3! It’s so crazy to think that I started on this blogging journey 3 years ago. Like I have mentioned before, So Fabulously Sweet was created so that I could have a creative outlet during a time when I wasn’t dancing regularly. Plus I have always had a love of fashion, ever since I used to look at my mom’s fashion magazines as a little girl. I was also a true girly girl and played with barbie dolls. I loved dressing them everyday as if they were really going somewhere! My mom would always joke with me saying that my dolls lived better than me!

I was always so fascinated with all of the clothes, designer shoes and fabrics! I loved seeing how shiny the shoes, purses and jewelry looked. Plus I wanted to feel beautiful like the women I saw. I wanted to wear the high heels with the matching handbags and sunglasses. It was like witnessing another world through the pages of the magazines such as Vogue, Ebony, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen! Once I got a taste, I realized I had been starving!

From 3rd grade to 8th grade I had to wear uniforms and I hated it! I hated feeling like I had to conform just to look like everyone else. That is where my obsession with accessories started. I tried to experiment with accessories as much as I could to make myself feel unique and to express myself. I liked the idea that I could be anyone I wanted to be.

Once I got to high school, I was beyond geeked that I could wear what I want. (within dress code) I loved having fun with my outfits. I wore everything from denim to faux fur to sequins. And yes I know it was just high school but everyday is a new day to express myself. A new day to decide who I want to be. For some that may be looking too much into it, but as a creative being, I take a creative approach on pretty much everything. Even the simplest of things but we can definitely talk about that another time. 🙂

Once I got to college and had total freedom to wear what I wanted. I definitely started experimenting with fashion then. I wore exactly what I wanted and it was so liberating! I always had to dress within certain rules and guidelines and I no longer had to do that. It was so awesome! I would get asked time to time where I got a pair of shoes or sunglasses from. I remember discovering a blogger named Elizabeth Keene and I became a huge fan! I loved her style, the aesthetic, just everything. Honestly before then I didn’t even know that there was a such thing as a fashion blogger, but once I found out I was intrigued!

Now I like to think that while I LOVE trendy pieces and appreciate classics, I just like experimenting fashion daily. Once I found out about fashion blogging, I thought it was so cool to be able to create cool outfits and have a place where I could not only document, but share it with others! I started blogging 3 years ago and haven’t looked back! I enjoy taking the time to create my outfit from the clothes down to the shoes and back up to the sunglasses. I look at myself as my own personal Barbie doll. I put down the old Barbie dolls to love and dress the real thing. 🙂 It allows me to be creative and express myself – and nothing makes me happier than doing that. Because creating and expressing myself allows me to be the most raw and happiest version of myself. 🙂

I hope my sweetie pies enjoyed and your girl will have another look up on the blog tomorrow!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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