Want to Start a Blog?! – Read These 10 Tips First!

“You have to get up every morning and tell yourself, ‘I can do this.’ ” 

Happy Thursday sweetie pies! The weekend is almost here and I am so excited! It has been a long rough week for me due to this stupid cold. However I am getting better day by day. 🙂 For today’s post I figured that I would share a list of my 10 top tips for starting a blog. I have been running So Fabulously Sweet for almost 3 years now. It has become my baby, my side hustle (hopefully my career one day), my creative outlet and so much more! A question that I have been getting a lot is “Stormie, how can I start a blog?” Now before I completely jump off the deep end and give you information overload about a blog, (because believe it or not there is A LOT of info to be shared) I want to give you 10 tips to consider before you have your site up and running. 
1. Know Your Why
It is important to know why you want to start a blog in the first place! I say this because your ‘why’ is what is going to motivate you to write. You want to start a blog hopefully because you have something that you want to share with the world and need a platform to get it out there. 
2. Do you have a niche?
While some will say that you don’t need a niche (targeted subject for your content such as lifestyle, mommy and me, food, etc). I believe that when you are just starting out you do – at least if you are trying to make this more than just a hobby. People need to identify with you and who you are. The blogging world is so saturated because everyone is doing it nowadays. So I believe it is definitely important to stand out.

3. Are you just Starting a Blog for the Money?
While some bloggers may disagree with me, I don’t think you should start a blog for the sake of making money. Some bloggers get lucky and get thousands of followers and make hundreds to thousands of dollars within the first year of blogging. For most cases, it takes a lot of hard work and consistently working for free. You have to be willing to work with the possibility of not making any money when you start out. However you can definitely make money, it just takes time.

4. You don’t need to be Perfect 
Often times, people will get so caught up with thinking that you have to be perfect. Meaning you don’t have to have the perfect aesthetic, perfect pictures, perfect equipment, whatever the case may be. The hardest and most important part is to start, so START TODAY! You don’t have to have perfect images and such, just have passion and direction.

5. You must be Willing to Put yourself out there
Whether that is in the form of pictures or videos, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. People like being able to see you and helps them to make a connection with you and your blog. Every single post doesn’t have to be pictures or videos of you but make sure your blog features well… YOU!

6. Consistency is key
I suggest to plan to be able to post with some kind of schedule in mind. Whether that is every Tuesday, twice a week, whatever the case may be. Your readers will want to know when they can expect a new post from you.

7. Use what You have until You can get what You Need
This tip kind of piggy-backs off of tip #5. Don’t wait until you save up enough money to get the Canon 70D high-def camera (blah blah blah). Have a digital point and shoot? Use that until you save up enough to get what you want. Remember the most important thing is to just get started.

8. There are multiple ways to Start a Blog
With technology advances, you can blog in multiple ways. You can have a website, start a YouTube channel, blog off of social media, the possibilities are pretty endless. It is up to you how you choose to blog.

9. Make sure to let Your Passion Shine Through
Whether it is fitness, fashion, food, travel – whatever is is, let your passion show in your work! Have fun, be creative and express yourself.

10. Remember that What You are Offering to the World is of VALUE
Remember that no one can be YOU and that you are of value, which means that your content is of value! Stay true to who you are because that is what will make you stand out. No one else in this world has the same perspective or approach to things so just remember that when you are blogging. The right people will love you for who you are – the same goes for your blog! 🙂

I hope this helped anyone who is interested in possibly starting a blog. If you all would like to see more blog-related posts, leave me a comment below! Also make sure to share what kind of topics that you would like for me to write on!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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