Incorporate these Spring/Summer Trends into your Fall Wardrobe Now!

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa
Hey sweetie pies, you are probably thinking that you have to put away all of your Spring and Summer clothes now, but you are wrong! Fall is the perfect season to experiment with your style to create those one of a kind looks! I wear all of my clothes year round when I can honestly. I am de-bunking some major style myths and forging all three of them to create a major stylish look. 
First Myth – You can’t wear white after Labor Day.
Honestly, I wear white more often in the Fall and Winter months than I do in Spring and Summer. Why? It is a easy color to build a look without having to always resort to black or dark colors. White can help bring that contrast with “Fall-like” colors such as wine and navy. Take that color combo and then add touches of skin tone neutrals or metallics and you will be killing the game! If you would like some styling suggestions just let me know!

Second Myth – Florals are ONLY for the Spring and Summer.
Now you all know that floral is one of my fave prints – aside from leopard. (Which I paired with here) Floral is definitely a print that you can wear year round. My advice? Opt for a floral print that has at least one dark color in it to make it Fall ready – black, navy, wine, or brown. Having at least one of these colors in your floral piece will help you to transform your look. Pair it with leather for a feminine edge or with suede for a luxe glam look. 

Third Myth – Linen is for wearing over swimsuits and in the warm months.
So hear me out on this one, this breathable fabric is believed to only be worn when temperatures are soaring. But shouldn’t this comfortable fabric be enjoyed year round? To make this fabric Fall-worthy, pair it with other textures. (You guys know I am ALL for mixing textures) And Fall is the best time to do this in my opinion! Wearing a loose linen top – try fitted denim on for size with suede or leather booties. The mixing of textures add dimension to your look!

Now that you have NO excuses to not try these in your looks I want to see them! #Sofabulouslysweet on Instagram so that I can see!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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