#GirlTribe Goals

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” ~ Frida Kahlo
Hey sweetie pies, in case you didn’t know, yesterday was #NationalSistersDay. I know I know, there is a ‘day’ for everything imaginable. However when I got to thinking about it, I couldn’t limit this just to an Instagram or Facebook post with a hashtag that would have the same lifespan of a banana. I had to do more than that. Now is this a post to just brag about my sisters – kinda. But furthermore, I wanted to share this so that you can celebrate your #GirlTribe. I mean I seriously couldn’t imagine my life without my sisters. We have literally been through everything together. As cliche’ as it sounds, it is the honest truth. I have two biological sisters as well as 6 line sisters that not even blood could make us any closer. I am so grateful to have them in my life, they are literally my best friends!
 My older sister Brandi.
My little sister Madison.
My sisters are everything for me – from my ride or die to my voice of reason. My sisters are my #GirlTribe and are literally goals!!! I am so proud of all of them and I am going to tell you why. Not only are they beautiful, strong and intelligent; but they are also selfless, caring and hard working. My #GirlTribe is part of the reason why I work so hard and they have inspired me to be the best person that I can be!
Me, my older sister Brandi, and my mom. 

Personally I feel that there are certain ladies that you should have in your #GirlTribe. Your #GirlTribe should bring out the best in you and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Your sisters should accept you for exactly who you are. I personally love how me and all of my sisters are so unique and have multiple interests. 
My line sisters – Christy, Amanda, myself, April, Eboni and Sam. 

My line sister April, my bestie Ashley and myself.

1. The ‘down to ride’ sister
This sister is the one you can call on when ish gets real! All you have to do is call them and they already know! You don’t have to explain yourself or situation – they know that you are in distress and they are ready to hurt somebody!
2. The ‘voice of reason’ sister
This sister is the one that will keep you from doing anything irrational or just down right stupid. She is usually the one to put things into perspective and make you think twice. She is very mature and has a good head on her shoulders.
Me, my line sister April, Mary and Christy at one of our first sorority parties recently after we crossed. 

3. The ‘real chilled’ sister
This sister is so relaxed and go with the flow. One that you usually get positive vibes from and just on all around good feeling when you see them. She’s usually the mediator when there’s conflict. 
My little sister Madison and I – Christmas 2014

4. The ‘tell it like it is’ sister
This is the sister that is going to tell you straight up like it is. You may not like it, but she never holds her tongue. There may be times where she drives you crazy because you may feel like she is raining on your parade co
. But trust me, it is just out of a place of love. Now if you don’t know anyone in your #GirlTribe like this, then it may be you!

5. The ‘always down for a good time’ sister
This party girl is nothing but a phone call away. She always down for a girls night out full of getting dressed at each other’s house while blasting good music. She is usually the mastermind of getting all the girls together in one place, despite people’s crazy schedules. She is also known probably as the hostess with the mostest. The #GirlTribe already knows that when this girl throws a party, it’s going to be fun!

6. The ‘always working’ sister
This sister is no stranger to hard work and firmly believes that to get what you want out of life, you have to work hard. The only down part is trying to get her to tear her away from her work for awhile. She is truly a hustla and about making her coinage. She always inspires every one else to appreciate the grind and work for the life you want. (Not trying to be grammatically correct here)
My bestie Ashley and I (Snappie chat chronicle)

7. The ‘super sweet’ sister
The title explains it all. The innocent one out of the group that can easily be corrupted by the party girl or down to ride sister. Yes she is nice, however don’t let the sweet exterior fool you because she will pop off if she feels like she is taken advantage of – it just doesn’t happen often. 
8, The ‘free spirit’ sister
She is usually go with the flow type and often very creative. When it is her turn to choose where to go she is usually indifferent because she is about being in the moment. She is always down for whatever and is always willing to compromise. 
My younger sister Madison, my older sister Brandi and I. (Why do I look like the older sister here?? #QTNA)

9. The ‘super sensitive’ sister
This sister is the emotional one out of the bunch. True she can be a little mushy gushy but she is very considerate of everyone. She is like the ‘mom’ of the group. She remembers every birthday, every anniversary, and every last one of your family members. One of her biggest joys is to see all of her #GirlTribe happy and thriving. 
Which ‘sister’ are you? Leave me a comment below!
My line sisters Eboni, Sam, myself and April – Atlanta Greek Picnic 2014

My #GirlTribe have been through everything from heartbreaks to triumphs and they have been there through it all. We have cried over boys (and yes I mean boys), celebrated one another’s successes, stayed up late laughing until we cried, had many endless nights, grieved with one another and supported one another in our endeavors. I thank God for each of them and the special bond that I have with each of them.
My line sisters April Christy and I – candidly snapped at my 20th birthday dinner
My bestie Ashley, my line sisters April, Christy, Amanda and I – Texas Greek Picnic 2015

I am super thankful for my #GirlTribe, the experiences and for all of the things that are to come. I know that they will be along for the ride! I want to personally thank you all for being your true beautiful selves and for putting up with me! Hahaha! I know I tell you all every chance I get, but I love you guys! 
My line sisters April, myself, Chirsty, Mary and Amanda at Mary’s baby shower last month. 

Celebrate your #GirlTribe by sharing this post with all of your sisters! There is so much beauty and power when women come together in love and support! Let’s continue spreading the love and support sweetie pies!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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