Favorite Drugstore Foundations Summer 2016

“At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough.” ~ Toni Morrison
Hey sweetie pies, happy Monday! I recently picked up a new drugstore foundation and I got to thinking that I needed to share with you all my fave drugstore foundations. I also wanted to tailor it to theme of summer because wearing a full face of makeup in the summer can sometimes be a drag. Especially if you combo-oily skin like your girl here. You will definitely want something that is light coverage but definitely does the job and help with oil control. I figured I would share a few of my fave drugstore foundations that are great for the summer. 
A lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers have raved about this product! It has a nice consistency and of course it is MATTE! Yes please!
I also like this one as well but wouldn’t say that it is my all time favorite, It is not a matte foundation so I definitly make sure that I set with powder and that I bring it with me to touch up throughout the day. 
My third and final fave is definitely this one! It has medium coverage but it is buildable. I love it and I was able to easily find a color that suits me. That made me very happy considering that I am a woman of color and it can be a little tricky at times. I love the consistency and I don’t have to do a lot of retouching throughout the day!
What drugstore foundation is YOUR fave? What is your skin type and how does your fave drugstore foundation work for you? I would love to know!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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