Natural Hair Journey So Far July 2016

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” ~ Blaise Pascal
Hey Sweetie pies and Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was pretty fun and relaxing. Today’s post is about me sharing my natural hair journey with you all. (That is, my journey thus far.) And yes I say journey because I don’t personally see this process of returning to natural as just an action and that it has a definitive end. Now for my natural sisters you may know what I mean when I say that.
So let’s rewind real quick, I started getting perms to straighten my hair around the age of 8 and up, until last January. That is when I started transitioning to natural. My hair was always breaking off and thin and often hard to maintain. I decided that I wanted to return to natural for a healthier hair. I couldn’t stomach doing the “big chop” (besides my head is too big for that lolz!). So I stopped perming or relaxing my hair and gradually cut off the dead ends. Even though the main reason that I decided to return to natural hair was to gain healthy hair, I had no idea that I would learn so much. And to much avail, not necessarily about hair but about myself. 
Hunny when I tell you patience is a virtue! This statement is SO true! I have had to be very patient especially when I was dealing with two different hair textures due to transitioning. Or when you have to detangle your hair on wash day. (le struggle!) I don’t put any heat in my head so when I twist my hair to let it air dry is always a process, but I always love the result!
Love my hair exactly as it is
I can’t lie, when I was transitioning, I was a little ignorant to natural hair as a whole. I had this assumption that my natural hair was going to big soft curls, kind of like 3b type hair. I had to learn quickly that my hair is more kinky and thick. I had to accept my hair for what it was. Essentially my hair is a reflection of me and I should be proud of that. 
Loving my hair meant loving myself, unapologetically
I think sometimes women get in their own way. I know it is hard to sometimes to find beauty in oneself when society often force feeds us what “beauty” means. I had to learn that can’t no one be me, but well… ME! And there is SO much beauty in that. I had to love myself and rock that. (Fro and all!)

Learning about natural products for my hair
With trying to figure out how to tame this mane (and let’s be honest, I haven’t completely mastered that) I had to research products and learn what works best for my hair. I begin to learn about all the crazy chemicals that are put in mainstream hair products and how bad they can be for your hair. 
Learning about natural products for my body
I have begin to explore different all natural products from soap to feminine products. I will be covering my natural products on my blog in the near future so make sure to look out for that. 
Learning about my hair, PERIOD
I had to learn about my hair texture and what products work best for it. I am also learning different ways to style my hair and my hair always surprises me! (In a good way!) 
My hair is my crown.
Point. Blank. Period.
Why you can’t let people touch your hair
This may sound like a joke but I honestly don’t like people touching my hair without asking. It is so rude to me! I am not pet sir/ma’am so don’t go patting on my fro! There are three main reasons why I don’t like it. 1. It is a sanitation thing. I don’t know where your hands have been and you have the audacity to put them in my head. 2. I spend a lot of time doing my hair so when someone comes along and wants to run their fricken hands through there just messing it up! UGH! 3. My hair is my crown soooo… you wouldn’t go to Englad and touch the Queen’s crown? Right – so don’t go touching mine! *Sassy Stormie exits stage left*
Being a beautiful, proud, BLACK woman!
Yasss to #blackgirlmagic! Not that I have ever been ashamed of my race but can’t NOBODY tell me about my race,  history and heritage! I am an unapologetically black sistah! *two snaps* HEEEYYYY!
Since I have returned back to natural it makes me that much more inquisitive about everything!
This journey has been quite a ride. 1 year and a half down and a lifetime to go! For my natural sisters, how long have you been natural? Tell me below!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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