4th of July Lookbook 2016

“Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box.” ~ Twyla Tharp
Hey sweetie pies, Happy Friday, 1st of July, pay day, all of that! (LOL) Major shoutout to all of those who have an extended weekend due to the upcoming holiday! What are everyone’s plans? I plan to attend a friend’s pool party with David. And you know your girl LOVES THE WATER! Yes! I am super excited! Of course I am going to be getting my hands on some bbq and adult beverages lol. It’s the best way to celebrate! There is so much going on with all of my sweetie pies including the Essence festival, family reunions, cookouts, pool parties, and traveling! I am glad to hear that my sweetie pies are celebrating with friends and loved ones. As always, if you need some fashion inspiration for all things turnt this weekend then look no further! I am sharing this year’s 4th of July lookbook! Hopefully you find something for everything from cookouts to bar hopping! Whether you like to rock a look that’s super patriotic or perhaps not so much, I am sure you can find a look that works for you!

Untitled #611

Untitled #616

Untitled #649

Untitled #650

Untitled #651

Untitled #652

Untitled #653

Untitled #654

Untitled #655

Untitled #656

I hope all of sweetie pies are safe over this extended weekend! 
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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