10 Reasons Why I Love Summer!

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” ~ Bob Marley
Heeeyyyy sweetie pies, happy Monday! I am super excited because it is the first day of summer! *throws confetti* My favorite season is summer so I figured that I would share 10 reasons why. I also have a new look that I am sharing so let me know what you sweetie pies think!
1. My Birthday!
My birthday is in August so yeah one reason is a little biased or self-centered if you will but whatevs! I always treat my birthday as a holiday. 
2. Summer Sales!!
As if I need another reason for shopping. But I LOVE shopping all of the summer sales and adding to my wardrobe. One of which is the summer solstice sale that is now available in my boutique. Just click the Chloe + Isabel tab at the top of the home page. 
3. Summer Dance Intensive Workshops
Summer time is the perfect time for local studios to host dance intensives. I love investing in my craft and taking as many classes as I possibly can. Since school is out, studios usually have more classes available than usual. Click here to read about summer intensive workshops here in Houston. 
4. Water! – Pools, Beaches and Waterparks
Ok for a quick moment of truth, I am learning how to swim so I am not too confident when it comes to swimming. However I really do love the water! With that being said, I am always down to get in the pool, go to the beach or waterpark. There is a new waterpark that just recently opened in Katy. Has anyone tried it out yet? If so, let me know!

5. Summer time = PARTY TIME!
 I am always down for a cookout, campfire, pool party, music festival, you name it! I am always up for a having a good time. *starts dancing* ooh ahh aye turn up!!
6. Summer Fashion
Bring out all the shorts, skirts and dresses that you can find!!! Honestly, I hate wearing pants in the summertime because it is just too darn hot!!! Besides my thighs are too big for all of that, lolz. I love rocking all the latest trends and experimenting with fashion. I always think of bold prints and colors when I think of summer and I feel like my summer style reflects that. 
7.  Summer Recipes!
Now for those of you who know me on a personal level know and understand my appreciation for food. Food and I have a very, very special relationship lolz. I will always have food by my side, just in case David ever acts up, food will be bae lmao! I love trying new food/drink recipes that are summer inspired! My boyfriend David loves to grill any chance he get plus we are both from Louisiana. So trust and believe when I say that any chance David grills I am super happy! I personally love grilled sausage and veggies! 🙂 
8. Summer Adventures!
I will travel any time of the
year but I definitely believe that I travel the most during the summer. I usually visit home at least once during the summer. It is easier for me to take spontaneous trips or staycations even since since is out, my work schedule slows down. (I am a dance teacher on weekdays, fyi) I love road tripping with David or my girlfriends. They are the best! 
9. Late Nights
I just love the idea of having longer days during the summer to enjoy. I personally enjoy being by the water while watching the sun set. Evening summer skies are so pretty to me. 
10.  Summer Time = Happy Time
I honestly love every season for different reasons, but nothing quite compares to the summer if you ask me. When you put all the previously mentioned reasons together, it’s a no brainer for me! 
What do you like about summer? Leave your thoughts below! 
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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