March Favorites 2016

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” ~ Auguste Rodin
Hey sweetie pies! In today’s post I want to share some products that I have been obsessing over during the month of March. Some of these products are tried and true, while some of the products mentioned may be new to you. If you want to know what are some beauty, skincare and miscellaneous must haves, then please keep reading.
1. First item that I want to talk about Ponds cold cream cleanser. I use this product every night to help break down my makeup for easy removal. I usually wet my face, apply a small amount of product, work it in and then wipe with a makeup wipe. It keeps me from scrubbing my face or using multiple makeup wipes, making it a lifesaver!
2. Next item is the Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning cream. Again, another product that I use everyday. As a curly haired naturalista, moisture is SUPER important and this definitely does the job! It is also great for those days that I am being lazy. I simply rub some of this onto my hands and then it apply it to my hair and I am out the door! (Maybe not the best practice, but hey it be like that sometimes.)
3. Ever since I bought Magical Moringa from LUSH I have been in total SA-WOON! Again, a product I use everyday whether I wear makeup or not. This moisturizer is all natural and cruelty free. It applies as an oily texture as you work it into the skin and then dries matte! *insert heart eyes emoji* 
4. Now you sweetie pies ought to know by now that I love the scent of lavender! When I saw Nicole Guerriero mention this product ages ago I went out and bought it. I use this Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Mist on a regular basis. It helps me to relax at night and aids in me having a good night’s sleep.
5. This Lavender and Chamomile Aromatherapy Candle is literally my most favorite candle of ALL TIME! Like I am seriously obsessed! If of you were to get me a lifetime supply of these candles, I would love you forever! Smells Ah-Mazing!
6. This bonnet is perfect to wear on my head at night to protect my hair from breaking. It has a satin lining on the inside so that my hair doesn’t mess up at night!
7. When it comes to makeup, I love me a matte finish! This inexpensive matte setting spray by NYX is awesome! At $8, it is definitely a steal!
8. These pailette single drop earrings are absolutely amazing! Whether I am wearing a t shirt and jeans, or a cocktail dress; these earrings are a definite must! They simply go with anything! I will wear them when going out on the town, working out or even while I’m teaching dance classes!
9. I have been LOVING these monogram decals that I got from my girl Taylor (IG: Designeddowntown). If you’ve checked out my instagram account, you will see that I have these things all over my traveling thermoses. She currently has 3′ decals for $3! Make sure to check out her instagram to shop!
10. This dream silk sleep mask is everything at night! Often times, it is hard for me to go to sleep at night because I struggle logging off of social media or my mind is racing a million a minute. (Anyone else knows this struggle?) This mask along with my pillow mask and candle help me to relax and aid in my sleep. 
I also got some songs that I have been loving the past couple of weeks to share with you.
Needed Me – Rihanna
Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande
Counterfeit – Jordan Fisher (Love this song, love him!)
Team – Iggy Azalea
Hollow – Tori Kelly 
Panda – Desiigner
So Good – Day 26
I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure to check out these products and songs if you haven’t already! Enjoy your weekend! I will be celebrating it with my best friend/Line sister April, tomorrow is her birthday! I’m so excited!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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