Wanted: Winter Coats

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”  ~William Shakespeare

Wanted: Winter Coats

Hey Sweetie Pies! Happy Friday! It is finally starting to cool off in Houston (well at least for right now) and I got to thinking about how many actual jackets and coats I actually own and the fit. A lot of my coats that I own right now are more on the fitted side, which is nice and all because I do like to show off my figure. However this is not ideal when often times you have on layers of clothes during the colder months. Lately I have been ALL about that layering life. So I got to thinking about what coats I want and need for the cooler months ahead.

I really want a nice long menswear inspired trench coat to easily throw on top of an outfit to add juxtaposition. I would like a cocoon coat and cape to easy drape on top of dresses. I need a new leather coat with silver hardware because the one I have right now has gold hardware. I also would like a coat or two in a bold color because all my trenches are in black or navy blue. A bright color coat could easily liven up a gloomy winter day. Thanks to the Chanels of Scream Queens, I GOT to have a fur coat lolz. And lastly thanks to Kim K, a bomber jacket in an olive green is a must have! I wouldn’t mine one in a black as well because heck I love Black!!!

As always, the coats pictured above are linked. Some are splurge worthy while others are for a nice price point, under $50!!! (You’re welcome!) Have a great weekend!

As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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