Back to School Link Up : 6 Things I Learned from my Freshman Year

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.” ~ Junot Diaz

Hey  hey my Sweetie Pies! It is finally August! August is great for a lot of things, for example my birthday! (August 16th!) But also August is the month for back to school! And to some this is dreadful while to others it is exciting! (For me it was the latter)

But for those that may be feeling a little apprehensive, I have a little something something for you. I am teaming up with an awesome group of bloggers to bring you posts to prepare you for EVERYTHING back to school from fashion to love to academics for both high school AND college every for the entire month of August! Pretty sweet huh? Make sure to click the back to school button below to check out all of the awesome bloggers’ posts because there will be so many different topics and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

In today’s post, I am sharing 6 things that I learned from my freshman year in college. Some will be obvious and some…. Not so much.

1.) Make sure to take the time to at least skim through your chapters and study!
I will never forget the very first test I took in college was a psychology test and I didn’t study because I never had to study in high school. Well needless to say, I made a 46. (eek!)

2.) College courses are extremely different from high school courses and you CAN flunk out after your first year or any year for that matter.
Professors are not lenient or sympathetic about your petty situations. You will be treated as an adult and therefore held accountable for your successes as well as your failures. Now even though this particular situation didn’t happen to me, I noticed my sophomore year that not everyone I started with was still there. Some people that I started college with, did orientation with, lived in the same dorm with, were not there anymore and it was partly because of academics.

3.) Time Management
I learned a lot more about this once I joined a sorority but it is imperative that you do. Especially if you want to do extracurricular activities and/or have a social life.

4.) Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should.
When you get to college, you will meet all different types of people from different walks of life. With that being said, some people will party, drink, or whatever. Just make sure to prioritize and remember that you are a student FIRST! Often times the ones who go super wild and crazy their first semester usually don’t come back for a second one.

5.) Get involved!
I suggest to everyone to get involved in something that interests you. I am not saying you have to be a cheerleader, student government president, drama club, toxicology honors society, and international student affairs but at least become involved in at least one organization. I suggest this because it is a great way to make friends and give you something extracurricular to do. Because trust me, you are not going to want to be bogged down with books all day everyday. I absolutely loved being involved during my college years, it made my college experience that much more enriching.

6.) Don’t put more on your plate than you can handle.
That is why the things that I have mentioned are so important to keep in mind. When I started college, I gave myself just enough classes to be considered full time with a fun elective. Just imagine having to study for psychology, English, biology, College algebra, American history, and Spanish…. That’s a lot! Take yourself seriously as a student but not too much. There’s no cookie cutter path on how to complete your curriculum and when so don’t overwhelm yourself. There’s plenty of time to so remember to enjoy yourself. It’s all about balance. Make sure you create a nice balance for yourself so that in the long run your college experience overall is a great one!

I hope this helps you guys. Remember to click the widget below to check out what the other bloggers posted. We are all posting different things and different perspectives so make sure to check it out! See you guys back here on Wednesday!

As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie

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