I’m My Own Barbie

“Clothes should seduce. They should lead you to create the best and most beautiful version of yourself.” – Unknown

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend! In today’s post I want to share something special with you all. When I started this blog, I just looked at it as something to do for fun. However little did I know that I would learn so so much in the process of doing this blog, not only about blogging, fashion, etc but so much more. In the process of becoming a fashion/style blogger I learned about myself as well. All while blogging, I have learned to truly love my body, my curves because that is a part of what makes me, well ME! I would often compare myself to other bloggers, which can be a positive or negative thing. After a while I noticed that is one of the many things that makes me different from other bloggers. (Don’t get me wrong I love all of my fellow bloggers)

However I would compare my body to others, which I already knew was a big no no but it was so hard not to! But I have come to love ALL my fabulous curves soooo much! That’s why I opted to rock this pencil skirt because it flaunts some of my fave assets (AHEM..) lolz I always feel beautiful, sophisticated and sexy in this skirt! I amped up the level of VA VA VOOM by adding leopard pumps and scarf. I wanted a soft touch to the otherwise fierce look so I opted for this soft pink blouse. I absolutely love love love this look. What do you guys think?

So ladies embrace your beautiful bodies for yourselves! I loved Barbie dolls growing up. My favorite part was being able to dress them up every day. Well now I think of myself as my own Barbie doll to dress up everyday. I know that may sound crazy but it makes dressing up fun, makes me feel beautiful, and I guess in a sense allows me to be a kid! If you’re in love with your body the way it is, why change it? That’s how God made you right? I need you guys to do something for me. The next time you get dressed and you’re feeling fabulous, post it on Instagram and hashtag #ImMyOwnBarbie. I can’t wait to see! Let’s encourage and inspire one another! XO and Stay FAB! – Stormie

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