Running Things and Look Good While Doing It

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham

Hey Loves! So you guys want to know one thing that I absolutely hate? When women especially come out looking like who did it and what for! Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is hard with all the things we women have to accomplish in one day. (We are modern day heroes if you ask me.) But nonetheless, I have unfortunately witnessed women who come out without having no consideration of what they look like. And I am not saying we have to step out the house looking red carpet ready but one must pride herself to look presentable. My sisters we have GOT to do better. And don’t get me wrong I am not trying to fuss at anyone, but I honestly say this because I care. I LOVE all of my beautiful sisters of the world! Today called for a busy day of appointments and running errands. So I opted for a simple but chic outfit. You can never go wrong with some skinnies. The pair that you see here is actually 3 years old! I got them from New York and Company and after numerous washes, a few accidental trips to the dryer and a small growth spurt they still fit amazing! They are so comfy and pretty much go with anything! I paired them with this blouse from New York and Company and these beautiful leopard heels. Outfit was comfortable and cute and got me through the day. I put my hair in a low bun because it’s quick, cute and low maintenance. I can brush my hair back, secure the bun with a few elastics and go. So ladies being fabulous while running errands is very possible just got to have those easy go-to pieces. Hope this inspires someone! I love seeing all of the beautiful women of this world be the queens that they are! XO and Stay FAB! – Stormie

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