Denim and Sorority Pride!

“Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Anna Wintour

Hey loves! It was one heck of a week for me but I am back! (Missed me much lolz) But seriously I have been so excited about this post because I had so much fun creating this look! I got inspiration for this outfit from the fabulous Kylie Jenner. Now for those of you who may not be into reality tv or perhaps living under a rock, Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the “Kardashian” sisters. She has a style that’s very different from any of her sisters I think, that is all her own. I became inspired once I saw this outfit on a website and was curious to recreate the look (with my own spin on it of course). I hardly ever wear paraphernalia with my sorority name on it anymore (Only because I am getting older in the game lolz) but I wanted to rock some good ole Royal Blue. I got this blue jean shirt courtesy to an older sorority sister who gave it to me. (Awww!) Even though this shirt is strictly for members of Zeta Phi Beta, you can easily find a blue jean shirt like this anywhere! I paired it with this breezy blue blouse that I got a while back from Charlotte Russe as well as the black crochet shorts. (Which I love btw!) Also these beauties on my feet are made by the one and only Gianni Bini! They are also super comfy! I literally wore these all day. I need you guys’ opinions. My blog has served the primary purpose of inspiring others to create looks of their own and to discover things fabulous, not only about their wardrobes but about themselves! I want my blog to service my followers in the best way possible! I need to know, would it be helpful to start adding links to where I get my items and/or similar items to the ones you see in my post?! Comment below and let me know what you think? XO and Stay FAB! – Stormie Photos by: DC Holmes

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