30 By 30 – 30 Things to do before I am 30

“Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.” ~ Carol Moseley-Braun
Any Leo babies out there? With my birthday month being next month, my mind started to wander. What will I do? Do I want to be bothered with putting something together? From there, I started to do some deep thinking, like where I want to be years down the road. I have some time before my 30th birthday but that is the next “milestone” birthday for me. I think part of that is because of the perceptions that we are taught subliminally. Assumptions aside, I still have quite a few things that I would like accomplished by the time I am 30. Continue reading to learn all about my “30 by 30”, thirty things that I want to have accomplished by the time I turn 30. This isn’t in any particular order.  I know a lot of my readers are around the same age so feel free to share what it is that you hope to accomplish by 30. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below!

1. Get Married

2. Say “no” and mean it.

3. Get 3 more tattoos.

4. Get at least 1 more piercing.

5. Update my capsule wardrobe.

6. Have at least 1 kid. (maybe lolz)

7. Life Insurance

8. Go skydiving.

9. Start my own dance studio

10. Be happy.

11. Be a MAJOR girlboss!

12. Traveled to at least 3 countries that I have never been to.

13. Start writing a book. (I want to write a few actually)

14. Made it on to tv!

15. Be a homeowner.

16. Have my dream home office and closet!

17. Develop my palate.

18. Develop my own brand.

19. Have an extensive collection of bags and shoes. (I know it sounds bad but are you really surprised?)

20. Become a dog mom.

21. Be successful.

22. Be spiritual and have a relationship with Christ.

23. Have a signature scent.

24. Be healthy.

25. Do something for minority youth incorporating dance.

26. Bring in the new year in New York City.

27. Take dance classes in LA.

28. Offer services through my blog

29. Sassy, outspoken and confident.

30. Full of self-love!

As I grow into the woman that I am meant to be, I have began to feel a certain divinity. It makes me very excited for what’s to come as I continue to evolve. Even though I have some years to go, I definitely want to follow up on this for my 30th birthday so I am putting it out there for everyone to see! You have any goals before your next “milestone” birthday? Shout it out in the comments below!
As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J


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